What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Saudalia

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a full-time college student studying Human Development. I am planning on working with humanitarian aid organizations both at home and abroad. I love the hiking and camping, playing and listening to music, dancing, running, reading, cooking, and photography. I may or may not have an obsession with any of these things at a given point in time.

Why I am a Mormon

Even though I was born and raised in the church, that didn't stop me from having my doubts. My parents taught me everything they could as I grew but it soon came time for me to find out for myself. When I was baptized at the age of 8, I remember being given a brand spanking new set of scriptures, fully equipped with a Book of Mormon. Sadly, other than daily family scripture study and the weekly church trips, they didn't get much use. My parents soon encouraged me to read at least a chapter a day from the Book of Mormon. Though this tradition began as me trying to please my parents, it ended up being something that I looked forward to every day. The story line of the Book of Mormon helped make my daily reading more enjoyable. One day during the summer after I turned 13, I was reading my scriptures when I came to Alma 13. In this chapter, the prophet Alma is pleading with the people to hearken unto his words so they can be saved. As I read this, I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of peace and I knew that was the Holy Ghost. I began to realize that my parents and church leaders were on to something in what they were teaching me and a lot of things started becoming more clear. My little seed of faith began to grow as I continued my daily scripture reading and prayer. Although I can't exactly pinpoint the moment when I knew that the Book of Mormon or the church was true, there is no denying that I knew and still know.

How I live my faith

The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints has instilled in me a great love and desire to serve others. Being a member of this church has opened my eyes to all of the ways that I can serve those around me, whether it is through cleaning a neighbor's yard or assembling humanitarian kits to be sent to different parts of the world. I am also privileged to have the opportunity to serve within the church by visiting two sisters with a companion at least once a month. I have been incredibly blessed to get to know the women that I have visit taught well and develop lasting friendships. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, I also have the opportunity to serve those who have passed away. As I do baptisms as a proxy for the dead, and other ordinances, in the temple, I have the opportunity to help those who would have accepted this gospel, or already have done so in their time away from earth, gain all the blessings and opportunities that are in store for them.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

We believe that it is a Priesthood duty for all young men to serve a mission, around 18 or 19. Young women are encouraged to focus on creating a family and raising up the next generation. However, if they feel that serving a mission is in alignment with the will of the Lord, then they are welcome to do so. Senior couples are also welcome to serve a mission together. Missions can range in length from 6 months for some senior couples and18 months for young women, to 2 years for young men. Although these are the traditional forms of missions, we believe that every member is a missionary, sharing the gospel with those around them. This is not just done through preaching to those around us from the scriptures. We strive to do this by serving those around us and helping them see the love that Heavenly Father has for them. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

We believe that Heavenly Father listens and answers our prayers. He wants to bless us with everything He has, including knowledge, but we must first ask. If you read the Book of Mormon and pray sincerely, asking if it is true, He will make it known unto you. Generally, this knowledge will come in the form of feelings of peace, comfort, happiness, and love. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

We believe that families are ordained of God and are eternal. Families give us the opportunity to love, teach, and learn vital lessons from each other that will help us return to live with our Heavenly Father together. Show more Show less