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Hi I'm Robin

I'm a Mormon. I became a member in 2003.

About Me

Ever since I was 13 I knew I would be a wife, a mother, and a nurse. I married very young the first time and had 2 wonderful children. I remarried 14 years later. My husband is a wonderful man who took care of me and my children so I gave him 2 children of his own. I graduated from Nursing school just before I met my second husband. I started my career as an ICU nurse and have been working with trauma and open heart surgery patients ever since. My husband took all of the lessons with me when I was investigating the church. He believed that LDS was a big supporter of church and families but he did not believe in Joseph Smith. He chose not to join. It broke my heart. He supported me and my older children when they joined. But, when I sit in church and I see all of the wives with their husbands, I get sad. It has made it hard for me to be in church. My older children, now adults, are inactive. My seven yr old wants to be with daddy all of the time. I ran out of the energy to fight him. So I too had began having time away from church. My job sees a lot of death, crippling of familes, sadness, and pain. It also sees much joy, and healing. I do my job with the voice of the Holy Ghost guiding me step by step. My families tell me that they trust me. They say they know the Lord is with me, and with their loved one. I am complicated, tempermental, hyperactive, and bossy. I love being LDS, I am not your typical Mormon. I mess up all the time, but I will stay. It's my family, my home.

Why I am a Mormon

 Right after I remarried I felt my children were growing up without the influence of God in their lives. I wanted them to have that. As a small child I believed I could hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit as he guided me in my life. I didn't always listen but I knew Jesus lived and I always trusted that. We could not find a church that suited us all. Months later while on a plane ride to visit my mother I spoke with a women at great length. She was a wonderful, loving, and true person. Only after we were leaving the airport did I fine out she was Mormon. At that moment I remembered a book my good Mormon friend gave me almost 7 yrs before. I never read it. It was , Our Search For Happiness, by Russell Ballard. I found it as soon as I was home and read every word. I wanted to find the place where Jesus wanted me to be. A place where family is most important. A place I can go to worship. My search for happiness was over after I found my answers in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I enjoy going to church each Sunday. I bring the younger kids with me. I try to live by example. I find the more I offer of my self whether, in prayer, the reading of the scriptures, and in tithing the more I gain. I speak to my patients families on death and dying, comfort and grace at the end of a life...sometimes it's overwhelming. There are times when it is too much and then I hibernate. I know that some quiet is good and too much can mean trouble. I am passionate about my role as a mother, wife, and as a nurse. I pray every time I need to speak with families. The passion and sencerity that I see and feel from other members brings me to want the same. I look for example in members, scriptures, and in prayer. I yearn for help often and struggle to choose the right. I am so not your best example. I am very straight forward and honest. Sometimes a downfall. My only concern in the church, and I am not sure it is everywhere, is the lack of physical health. Everyone wants spiritual health, wants to be an upstanding member and acitve in the church, good mothers, good fathers. Often I do not see members want thier blood pressure normal, control of their weight, or education on personal health. Being healthy and active has helped me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I am responsible for my family as much as my husband. My health is imperative in order to care for my children. That is what I would want other members to see and know. So, I try to live by example, and to educate women in church on heart disease and diabetes. I have a lot to say about so many things...I might burst! Someday someone might listen. I too will listen as others teach me to live as Christ would want.

What is faith?

I can only expain in an example. Something that happened just yesterday 2/3/12. My patient, a young mother, went into labor spontaneously. Her uterus ruptured. The baby was in trouble, so was mother. Mother did well but the baby was in horrible distress and although we have a great Neonatal Unit we knew the baby needed more and life flighter to a more experienced hospital. News that morning came that the baby girl was doing poorly and might need a heart/lung machine instead of just a breathing machine. She was a full term baby. Mom thought everything would be good. I wanted Mom to be with her baby. What if she dies without ever holding her, touching her. She would never have closure. There were many decisions that she needed to make, and not over a phone. So I asked that she be transfered as a patient to this hopsital. I was turned down for many reasons. I just kept pleading with case managers in both hospitals, saying it is the right thing to do. When they would not agree, my friend, our secretary, said Robin pray, keep praying, He will listen. She told me that God would make it right. I prayed continuously. An hour later the baby's hospital agreed to take Mom as a patient. By that evening Mom left by ambulance to be with her baby. Today I am still crying tears of joy. It was the right thing to do and when I thought someone wasn't listening, God made sure they did. Believe in prayer and you will have faith. Gifts from God will be right in front of you. Show more Show less