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Hi I'm Shannon

I'm a Mormon. But I haven't always been...

About Me

I'm a middle-aged stay-at-home Mom who, sometimes, talks too much to the dog & cat, let alone other people! I tease & tell people that I'm an only daughter, an only grand-daughter I have 3 sons, ALL of which are adopted, which means I couldn't even BUY a girl and I have 2 grand-children...Yup, boys! But I wouldn't trade my Eternal Family for ANYTHING!!! I went to college for 12 years, including law school. But my favorite job is right here in my home & garden while I finish raising my boys. I have been married to my husband for almost 23 years. My first husband & I divorced after just under 13 years. That decision was made after MUCH fasting & prayer but it was the right thing to do & my Heavenly Father has blessed me GREATLY since. My husband retired from the Navy which enabled our family to travel all over the world & it gave our boys an incredible education few of their friends have had. It has also shown them that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the same all over the world! The gospel may be spoken in different languages but it is STILL the same Gospel! As a student & researcher of Religion, before I joined the Church, THAT was important to me, knowing that the gospel would not change just because I moved & went to a different BUILDING titled "The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints." The Pastor, or Bishop as we call our leader, needed to teach the same thing regardless of where I attended my meeting.

Why I am a Mormon

As a youth I had things in my mind about what a "LOVING" God should be. Having been raised in a very strict, organized religion, I was taught that for all the "BAD" things I'd done as a small child, I'd burn for a time, to redeem myself of sins. Them there was the, “You’ll be punished TENFOLD for all the naughty things you do to your parents!” (That was my English Granny.) But I’d also ALWAYS heard marriage vows that went, "Till death us do part!" This BROKE MY HEART! You see, my grandparents married the day before the stock-market crashed. Poppa was a farmer...in the Dust-bowl. Could it get any worse? Through 53 years of marriage my Nana survived cancer...twice, Poppa had his hand crushed in an accident but didnot loose it. They had 3 beautiful children even though they had a serious blood incompatibility. My father inhaled burning poison oak, Nana gave him injections so his lungs could heal. Finally, Nana got Alzheimers & died at the age of 72. Nana & Poppa LOVED each other & now it's OVER? What "loving" God does this? Well, Missionaries showed up & taught me, God DOESN’T do this to families. Families CAN BE and ARE FOREVER! As my Daddy sat dying he asked me, "Who's gonna' be there when I get there?" I told him his Momma & Daddy & Sister were waiting for him. He asked if I was sure! I asked him if he remembered how anxious he was, waiting for me to come, that day that I was born. He smiled weakly and said, "Oh yes!" You see, I'm his only daughter! I said, "THAT'S how anxious THEY are waiting for YOU to COME HOME to them." They've MISSED you, they LOVE you." The joy on his face looked as though he could actually see them &, I don’t know, it’s entirely possible that at that point of his life and his state of mind, maybe he COULD see them waiting for him. I knew he would be alright. He absolutely was no longer afraid. There's NOTHING BETTER than knowing you can be a FAMILY TOGETHER FOREVER!

How I live my faith

I am brand new to the Kuna, Idaho area. My husband, Ed, & I spent 1 year in Salt Lake City before buying a home near our middle son & his family. Ed & I also volunteer with the Red Cross and we go to places that have been hit by disasters, natural or otherwise, & try to lend much needed assistance to those affected. But I must admit, my favorite thing to do is work with my sisters in the Church. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that when I/one hear/hears of someone in church needs some type of kindness or service, small or big, I/someone will come to their aid. There is a song in our Hymnal, one of my favorites, called "As Sisters In Zion.” It talks about how the Sisters all work together. Sometimes, as a woman & housewife/Mom, I have a tendency to think I CAN DO ANYTHING BY MYSELF! But then the weight of the world comes down upon me & one of my SWEET sisters will notice that I’m struggling. It might just be that I’m tired, or feeling lonely, sad... and a dinner suddenly shows up at my front door-step. One of the most wonderful things about this Church is that WE ARE NEVER alone because, well for the women anyway, WE are members of the "Relief Society." This is the largest and LONGEST EXISTING Women's Group in the world today. You may look around at the multitudes of this Church and think you are just "One of the Ninety and Nine." But you are not, you are Heavenly Father's, He knows YOU! Jesus Christ will ALWAYS be YOUR BROTHER & THEY will ALWAYS know what, how & why you are feeling the way you are. But while THEY will always know these things, your brothers & sisters HERE are mortal. Sometimes WE need you to talk to us. Let us help. Don't DEPRIVE US of blessings by depriving YOU with the things YOU NEED! The "Sisters in Zion" truly do love to help others in any way they are needed. It is my priviledge to, occasionally, organize the troops if you will, to make things happen in an orderly fashion. It is a true honor to help my Heavenly Father in this way. Thank you!