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Hi I'm Sarah

I'm a Mormon. I'm also a college graduate, mother of 6 and a lover of mystery novels.

About Me

 In my youth I . . . loved to be outside playing, swimming. It helped that I grew up in Southern California. I was a swim instructor and lifeguard up until I had my kids because it meant I could be outdoors. I attended college and got a degree in English Teaching, but I haven't used it yet because I already had 2 kids when I finished. It was and is very important to me to be home with my children. Now in my 30's I . . . still enjoy being outside. I work in my yard, take my kids to the park, and swim when the opportunity presents itself. I also teach a preschool in my home for my son and 7 other children. My favorites include spaghetti, Breyer's Real Vanilla icecream, date night with my husband, summer, the color green, swimming, reading British lit. is my favorite, playing with my children. My kids say that I . . . use too many big words, am funny sometimes, and am the best person to come to when they get hurt. I am a firm believer in . . . the gospel more on that later, the importance of both father and mother roles in a child's upbringing, letting my political representatives know where I stand on issues, teaching my children respect and good morals, and getting the best education you can. My motto Life is hard, tricky and sticky, but a happy outlook helps make it bearable!

Why I am a Mormon

 Well, I grew up a Mormon. I think it's 5th generation on my mom's side and 4th generation on my dad's side. I was baptized at 8, attended Primary and Young Women's in my youth. I even earned my Young Women's Medallion. I struggled, though, all those years. I struggled with living my religion, struggled with sharing my religion with others, and even spent quite a bit of time trying to hide my Mormonism. Thank heavens for good parents and church teachers who taught me to pray and read my scriptures, but most importantly, taught me to think for myself! Why I really am a Mormon came during my college years. I was midway through my freshman year when my testimony was deeply challenged. I found out then where my heart truly lay and it was firmly on the side of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then I haven't had any trouble being a Mormon and try to "let my light shine" for all those around me to see.

How I live my faith

 I'll answer this one with a story. I found a letter a little while ago that I had written at the age of 14 and addressed to "My future self". In the letter I laid out my plans for who I would marry and my career and family. Boy was I off! I was mostly right about the type of man I would marry. My husband is a faithful priesthood holder and took me to the temple so we could be sealed together as an eternal family. My career plans however . . . In the letter I said that I would be a school teacher unless my husband's job wouldn't bring in enough money and then I'd go to law school and be an attorney instead. Well, I got my teaching degree, but that's as far as that goes. My husband's job is a very rewarding one music therapist but it barely brings in enough for our family to live on. I am not an attorney, yet, because I feel very strongly about following the council of the prophets. Thus, I am staying at home with my children and focusing my intellect and physical resources on being their mother until such time as they can get along without my constant presence. Then there's the size of my family. In the letter I said that 4 children would be my max limit. In fact, when I was dating my husband I told him that I wouldn't have more than 4 children. I have 6 children. Again, I strongly believe in following the council of the prophets and they have said time and again that bringing children into this world is a decision between husband and wife and the Lord. Never should having a child be contingent on social mores, financial success or the like. That's why I may still have more children in the future. How do I live my faith? By living my life according to gospel standards and teachings, not the world's standards and teachings.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

 Family is an eternal principle. There are families in heaven as well as on earth. Why wouldn't you make family important? Society functions better when the family unit meaning father, mother and kids is intact. Ask any public school teacher or police officer what the biggest challenge is they face with children/people today. The answer will most likely be the lack of respect, lack of morals, lack of parents in the home to reinforce good education and good values taught, and the growing presence of selfish, prideful behavior. Studies have been done that show that all of these problems have a solution. It's family. Keep family intact and the other problems become much more solvable. Are there exceptions to this rule? Yes, there are exceptions to almost every rule, but they should be very, very rare. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Living a Mormon lifestyle is not easy. The scriptures say that "to whom much is given, much is required" and the gospel of Jesus Christ gives A LOT. I think a friend of mine said it best. He said that not living the gospel had made his life simple, but it was also shallow and practically meaningless. Living as a Mormon is hard, but it is so much more rewarding and fulfilling. Life in general seems more worthwhile when you're living it with a Mormon outlook. Being a Mormon requires several daily prayers, daily scripture study, weekly church attendance it's 3 hours long, family obligations and following the Word of Wisdom. Depending on your calling if you become a Mormon they'll give you one you could also be asked to attend meetings before church, after church and on weekdays. Then you need to attend the temple. Where you live will determine how hard/easy this is. I've lived 2-4 hours from a temple and 20 minutes from a temple. Either way it is a sacrifice of time and in this hectic world that can be difficult. There is nothing more rewarding, soothing to a stressed out life, or joyful than attending the temple. That's how Mormons live. Show more Show less