Marshall: Rubiks Cube, Florida Tallahassee, Funny, Musician, Friend, Loving, Mormon.

Hi I'm Marshall

About Me

I am a musician I love to play all kinds of music. I started out playing Percussion then later moved into Clarinet and Cello and hope to soon finish college and move on to teaching band to college students. I love playing games but don't consider myself a gamer, and working as a team to achieve a common goal. I am a missionary serving in the Florida Tallahassee Mission  I love to solve rubiks cube and I am always working to beat my fastest time!

Why I am a Mormon

 I am a Mormon because I always just related to alot of what has been taught by the LDS religion and when I heard about the promise that Moroni gives in The Book of Mormon that if you read the book and pray to know it is true you will recieve your answer, I tried that myself and I recieved my answer and I know it to be true! 

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

Throughout my life I have prayed for many things and some of them I dont need! I have come to realize that no matter what you pray for god still hears them, he does answer all prayers, in his own time however! when we pray for something that is truly needed god has no hesitation to grant our prayers but when we pray for things that are not needful we need to show him our willingness to obey the commandments that he has given us in order for him to understand how much we want the blessing!

How can your talents and gifts bless others?

Well god gave us gifts to build up his kingdom I strive daily to find ways to use my talents to invite others to learn more about the church. the story in the bible with the man and his talents really clears up this question. There once was a man who gave talents unto his servants, 5 to one servant, 2 to another, and 1 to the last. while the servants who recieved more than 1 talent used theirs and worked recieved DOUBLE the origional amount given by the master! The man who had but 1 talent burried it in an effort to preserve this gift, however, when the master came to see how he had used his talent he was saddened and took the talent and gave it to the first. The moral of the story is that we need to use the gifts that we have and by using the gifts we will recieve more!

How I live my faith

 I live my faith by accepting the call to serve a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. and I am currently serving in the Florida Tallhassee Mission, and it is the best decision I have ever made!