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Hi I'm Sky

I analyze complex systems, wrestle 3 yr olds, and leap tall buildings in a single bound - OK, not the last part, but I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Born in a small southern Utah town. The 5th of 10 children. My parents raised us in the LDS faith and did a fine job teaching us right and wrong. We never had much money and we moved 7 different times before I reached high school. This presented many opportunities for my parents to teach us humility and how to trust in the Lord through difficult times. Their patience and compassion are traits I strive to emulate. In high school I played a lot of football, and had a tight group of friends called the Bicycle Bandit Gang. We rode our bikes all over town and created various sorts of mischief. Nothing too grievous, but enough to cause me sore repentance when I reached maturity. One of the greatest highlights of my life was serving a mission to the Eastern provinces of Canada. This is where I came to understand the pure joy of consecrating one's life to Jesus Christ. After my mission I attended College, backpacked around Europe, worked at a youth camp in Alaska, and then, through the grace of God, received my Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. During my Junior year of college I met my lovely wife. We now have 3 young boys and another child on the way. After graduation, I accepted a civilian internship with the Navy and obtained an advanced degree. I now work as an engineering supervisor in the Navy's Strategic Systems Program. My hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, camping, and fixing things.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was about 6 yrs old, I couldn't find one of my shoes as my family was leaving for church. My mom asked me to pray to find it. I did so and had the distinct impression that it was in my bothers room under a shirt. I had seen the shirt in my previous searches, but had not thought to look under it. I went into his room and lifted the shirt and sure enough, the shoe was there. This left an indelible impression upon my young mind that God answers our prayers. As I have continued to pray throughout my life, I have received many many witnesses of this reality. In Junior High I accepted the challenge from a seminary teacher to read The Book of Mormon. As I read this sacred book over the course of a school year, I felt its power fill my life. I was given strength against temptation and felt the holy spirit as I made every day-to-day decision. I was also given a powerful witness of Christ's love for me. A few years later, when I was deciding to serve a mission, I prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was truly God's word and if I should really serve a mission. I was filled with a calm reassurance that I already knew it was true and I needed to serve a mission to share this message with others. As I continued to exercise faith, obey God's commandments, and serve others, my testimony of the restored gospel only grew stronger and stronger. I am also thankful for the blessings, service and friendship rendered to me and my family as we attend and participate in church activities. We absolutely love our congregation.

How I live my faith

Here's a few things my family and I do to keep focused on our values. Daily Prayer and Scripture Study Each night we sit down with our boys and have them take turns reading a few versus from the scriptures. It's great to hear our 3 yr old repeat the scriptures. After reading, we take time to explain what is read, then we all kneel down, hold hands and pray. They're not always the most reverent, but we know they are learning the basic principles of the gospel. Reading and praying together helps bring peace and respect to our home. Family Home Evening One night a week we gather as a family to play games or make crafts and teach a short gospel lesson. We have many bonding moments during these activities. This is the perfect setting to teach kids how to communicate, lead, and share their feelings. Meal time This is our daily get-to-know-ya time. We make plans, discuss concerns, express gratitude and strive to teach righteous principles. My wife's cooking is an added bonus. Family History I try to make my journal entries expressions of gratitude. At times I can only think to write about the frustrations of the day, but as I focus on how God has helped me during the day, my heart changes and I feel at peace. The next day then becomes a new day for exciting adventure. I am also working on a project to digitally scan several family histories from past generations. I have several ancestors who crossed the plains as Mormon pioneers. It is very humbling to read their stories of perseverance, dedication and hard work. It makes my daily struggles seem miniscule in comparison. Church Attendance and Service Over the years I've been asked to serve in several capacities of the church. Each time, I learn new principles and grow closer to the Lord and my brothers and sisters in the gospel. I was most recently asked to be Varsity Scout Coach. There are always new challenges when serving the youth, but through faith, I see miracles each day in their lives.