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Hi I'm Sandra

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

 I was born in Colombia. I moved to Spain when I was in my early 20's where I met the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had never heard about mormonism before. However, as I always do, I let my feelings guide me toward what I feel to be correct. This time I had a strong feeling that God was leading me close to Him. So I followed my feelings and was baptized in the church. That is something that I will never regret doing. My membership in the church has been one of the greatest blessing I have ever had in my life. Another of my greatest blessing is my marriage. I got married to the best man in the world and together we have received another blessing which is our little kids. I enjoy doing photography. I am a self-taught photographer and consider it another blessing to be able to develop my talent with the little time that I have. I love to dance, read, sing, and learn about new things. I enjoy being with my family and have the opportunity to take care of them. Seeing them grow is another great blessing.  

Why I am a Mormon

 I am a Mormon because one day I was brave enough to ask God if it was correct to join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Believe it or not, I received an answer and that answer was "yes." That is a strong feeling that anyone can have if they are seeking for the truth. That is one of the most important things that I consider to be part of the Mormon culture. We know that if we ask God directly, just as the Bible teaches in James ch. 1 verse 5, we will receive the answer. I did receive my answer and that is why I am a Mormon. 

How I live my faith

 I live my faith mostly by serving others. I serve my family every day and I serve my friends whenever they need me. I also live my faith by trying my best to teach my kids the things I learned. We have family time together every Monday. We read our scriptures together each day and we pray together morning and night because we know it is important to be as close to God as we can. I know that the most important inheritance I can leave my children is my faith in God. 

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

As Christians, we have been asked to help one another not just by word but by example. Jesus gave everything he had to help others. In the Bible we read so many stories about people that were blessed by giving what they were asked to help the church and other people. We as Mormons know those principles haven't changed at all. We still have people who need help and we are still learning. By sharing 10 of our income we learn to be less selfish and we know that we are helping others and that we are building the Kingdom of God by doing that. I have never had a doubt that by giving 10 of my income God will bless me. In the Bible it says "Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." I have a strong testimony about this. I have payed my tithing since the first day that I got baptized. I remember giving almost nothing to the church because my income was very little. But because of this promise, today I can give more than 10 times what I gave 10 years ago. I have never had a day that I go hungry to my bed nor my kids or anyone in my family. I have had the opportunity to feed others and still have plenty for more. I am really grateful that the principles of the Gospel haven't changed at all. I am grateful that God is the same God that created this earth and that Jesus is the same Jesus that came to teach us and that we still have prophets to remind us of the same things that the Israelites needed to learn. I have a strong testimony of the truthfulness of this Church. I am so grateful that we can have the spirit to guide us and to teach us what is wrong and what is right. We all have that opportunity to have him as our guide through this life and if we listen to him we will all be paying tithing without any regrets.  Show more Show less