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Hi I'm Maryann

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a housewife and an at home bookkeeper in my husbands business which includes most of all the outside chores on our acreage and part time step mom to seven wonderful kids.  I'm a simple gal with a great love of the outdoors! I love beautiful scenery that I can photograph which is one of my hobbies. I often say to friends when we are out riding our horses in the mountain deserts, how I like the smell of sagebrush. Sometimes I get funny looks, but there is a sense of peace and appreciation of creation out there. From as long as I can remember I have had a deep love for horses and feel so blessed to enjoy them everyday. I spent four years at college in London, England, worked in Hong Kong and worked many years in the fast paced LA garment industry before deciding I needed a more peaceful life. This part of my life took me to the Northwest to settle down in south western Idaho and find that peace I was searching for and boy did I find it. A few years later after settling in and getting to know people a friend introduced me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Wondering when I should be baptized worried me as there was so much I didn't know, that maybe I should wait until I studied the scriptures more. I felt so inadequate not knowing the bible stories and how Christ came to earth. The more I wondered this the more I prayed and finally I received so strong in my heart how right it was and that it was "ok" to be baptized, I could learn as I go.

Why I am a Mormon

So I am a Mormon, why? Because it confirms to me faith and a love of Christ. We are all born with that spirit of Christ, but how do you really know and cultivate it? Maybe I can't see faith, but I can feel faith from my heart, from people around me, from miracles that still happen. There is goodness to strive for. There is safety for my soul, there is understanding of where I came from, what I should do here on earth, where I will go after. The goal is eternity surrounded by my Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ and my family. The goal goes on...the gospel is great and it will go on in the eternities too! I was baptized in 2001 and still feel so lucky to have found the church, or rather it found me! A friend at work often spoke of her church on our breaks and the activities she did. She invited me to a camp out and my life really changed from their. It was the most awesome experience to be around so many Mormons! There were probably about 70 people there and although they didn't really know I wasn't a member of their church I felt like I was. I was very comfortable and they were so friendly. Being around them and hearing their own testimonies really hit me in the heart and I felt the spirit. I knew there was something I needed to know. My friend arranged for the Missionaries to teach me about the gospel and the church. The more I heard, the more I read the deeper in my heart I knew this was right. They taught me how to pray and to ask for guidance and if this was right. So many times I the spirit let me know this was right, time after time the longer I studied and started going to church and meeting with the missionaries. A few months later I was baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My faith has never waivered but has grown deeper. I have felt that this was right and seemed to make sense, like I might have known this before.

How I live my faith

Year's latter I realized why the spirit confirmed to me that it was 'ok' to be baptized not knowing everything. Even members that have been in the church all their lives are still learning too, and relearning and filling in the blanks of understanding! I am a work in progress and the more I study the more I learn. Sometimes I need to learn the same thing again and again and each time I might get it or a deeper learning. I choose to have this gift that I can grow from, and I can count on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in times of need or if I feel alone, He is always their and that is sure. The difference in my life in dealing with challenges, the trials are a little easier and I am calmer, more at peace. I think if you meet Mormons and get to know them, you might see a more peacefulness about them. I try everyday to be in touch through prayer and that keeps me grounded. If I can read from the scriptures or study a lesson for church, I grow and feel closer to Heavenly Father. I have learned knew skills since joining the church! I have a better understanding, still a work in progress to learn the scriptures and the plan of salvation. I have learned how to teach, I have had the opportunity to teach Sunday school to the youth, give lessons to the adults, organize auxiliaries and plan activities and programs. I learn from others, how they speak and conduct themselves. I have learned how to cook better, provide a food storage, plant a garden, and become more self reliant. The skills go on! One of my favorite skills is service! The gift to give service to one another and in my community is very rewarding. If charity never fails us, we can survive.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Sometimes it is easier for people to go with the media or hearsay than to investigate for themselves. It is part of being human I guess. If we try to live with understanding in hearts, we might have room to learn and love our neighbors without prejudice. Show more Show less