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Hi I'm Alex

I'm a linguist, studying to be a physician, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the Great Lakes region in a wonderful family. In school I excelled in French, English,and the sciences, but my biggest hobbies were breakdancing, playing sax and tuba in band, and performing in musicals and the Glee club. Since senior year I have been interested in a cappella singing, and since starting a successful group I have dabbled as my current situation allows. After two wonderful years in Santiago, Chile, where I learned to love the Spanish language and the Chilean people, I returned to the United States to continue my education. I am currently studying Linguistics of the English Language as I prepare for medical school, and I am working on minors in Spanish and in ballroom dance. My biggest hobbies now include ballroom dancing, playing ukulele, reading, making people laugh, and watching good TV shows and movies. We love music, cookies, and movies in my family! 

Why I am a Mormon

When I was a boy I was praying to know if the Church was true and if the Book of Mormon really was the word of God and one night as I sang to my little sister to help her fall asleep I received a personal, powerful answer from the Lord which I felt deep inside. I felt God's love for me and knew it was true. Since that day I have grown a lot and passed through many hardships and struggles, but the Lord continues to answer my prayers. Through an earnest effort on my part to search out answers in the scriptures and through prayer I have received additional answers from the Lord and my conviction continues to grow that God lives, that Jesus is our Savior, and that the LDS Church really is God's way of extending all of His love and blessings to me and my family. I know this is true, and my testimony is real. 

How I live my faith

Sometimes it's hard to live the Gospel and to do so even in the face of opposition, but I always try to remember that the Lord has already told me this Gospel and this Church are His, so all I have to do is hang on and do my best. I read the scriptures and pray every day, and do my best to serve the Lord by serving my fellow man. I help to organize activities for my neighborhood where we can make friends and feel the Lord's love. I visit friends and neighbors weekly and monthly to share an uplifting message from the Lord and to let them know I care about them, and I show it through small acts of service. I also serve the Hispanic community by using the language skills the Lord has blessed me with as I volunteer weekly at the hospital as a Spanish medical interpreter. Most of all, I live the Gospel by smiling and trying to be my best as I seek to uplift and befriend those around me. It's been a good day for me when I know I have helped to lighten another's load and improve someone else's day.  

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

Since the beginning of man, God has given us commandments concerning out health. He told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit or they would eventually die, and in our day He has instructed us to eat a healthy diet, to avoid harmful and addictive substances, and to take care of our bodies. The Word of Wisdom is simply that - the Lord's plan of health - and if we live it He will bless us with His Spirit and with a happy, healthy life. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

To know Mormonism is true we have to rely on one person alone - God! I can study religions my whole life and draw conclusions myself, but wouldn't it be better to ask the Lord directly which church is His? He knows! So we have to study it out, honestly consider it, and then pray and pray and pray until the Lord knows we are serious enough to be willing to follow His counsel, and then He will answer. He loves you and wants you to have His blessings through His Church! I know He will answer your prayers because he answers mine and he loves us the same!   Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

As a future doctor, I sometimes think of it this way How would you feel if you went in for a check-up and the doctor pulled out a medical reference from two thousand years ago? You'd probably feel more comfortable if he used a newer text combining the ancient knowledge with new advances, right? Similarly, the Bible contains the testimonies and teachings of some of the prophets in ancient history and will help us learn more about Christ, but I know God loves US just as much as he loved the Jewish people from 2000 years ago, and He wants to talk to US just as much! He restored His Gospel to give us even more knowledge to add to that which has been handed down from our ancestors, and He wants us to have access to all His word. The Lord didn't just live but He lives! Likewise, He didn't just speak then, but He speaks now! Show more Show less