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Hi I'm Janell

I'm a wife. I'm a college graduate. I'm a friend. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

PEOPLE CALL ME… Daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend, wife, example, missionary, organizer, lady, young woman, listener, thinker, worker, musician, artist, observer, individual, clown, leader. THINGS I LOVE... Smiling, children, my husband, singing, dancing, badminton, warm wind, sunny rain, workshops and conferences, gospel discussions, climbing, sunsets, white dresses, teaching, funny stories, picture books, hugs, country love songs, peace roses, singing, painting, creating abstract art, working with clay, walking barefoot in mud, laughing, smiles, watching physics in action, Janga, light, inspiration, understanding, zip-lines, small frogs, butterflies, roller coasters, American freedoms, clouds, teasing my dad, tickling my sister, crunching leaves on a bike, bowling, helping others, accomplishing goals, hiking, figuring concepts of chain-reactions, children, warm wind, studying philosophy and psychology, sunny rain, mountains, proclaiming the good news of Christ I love Life!

Why I am a Mormon

  I'm a Mormon. I've been a Mormon my entire life. My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents are all Mormons. Many would say that because of this my choice to remain a Mormon is passive, saying--"Oh, that's just how she was raised." I respond with Yes, that is how I was raised, and I am grateful for this upbringing. At the same time though, 'just' would be inaccurate. More than how I was raised, it has been my personal progressive choices made independently and respective consequences that have caused me to believe what I now know is truth. I obtained this knowledge by the one sure way everyone on this earth is invited with opportunity to do so--from God, who is the source of all truth. I testify 'personal revelation by the prayer of faith' is a powerful and enlightening process. I know our elder brother Jesus Christ atoned for our sins He has borne our grief and carries our sorrows He knows our pains and our joys He knows us individually by name and personal character perfectly He loves us He died and lives again--for me, and for you. I know our Father in Heaven knows and loves us individually and perfectly. We lived with them before we came to earth, and they fervently invite us to return to their secure and glorious presence. All those who enter into the covenant of baptism by proper authority are promised the companionship of the third member of the Godhead, the Holy Ghost, as a significant help guide, when they seek righteousness. I know the blessings Heavenly Father offers His children are grand and extensive how we could partake of these blessings if we would only receive them, receive Him. I know that through the blessings of the Priesthood in His holy temples, families are meant to be eternal. I know Joseph Smith, as a prophet, restored the Lord's church again upon the earth and translated The Book of Mormon by divine guidance and by the power of God. I know this book to be true I have read it many times, and I have prayed to God for confirmation. It testifies of Christ. I know President Thomas S. Monson is appointed by God to presently lead His church upon the earth by divine revelation, priesthood authority, and stewardship. I know similar heavenly guidance is available to each of us in respects to our personal lives and responsibilities. Living by these truths, I have seen many miracles in my life and have been an ongoing witness to His governing influence and loving power. I love my family, and I know I can be with them forever. When I exercise faith in Him, all of life's worries and cares flee from my being, and I am filled with life, with love, with peace, contentment, and a burning desire to share this Joy, the 'good news' of Christ. HE LIVES!  

How I live my faith

I am studying marriage skills at a four-year university. I attend three-hour church services each Sunday. I play the piano for church choir. I'm involved in Family History. I say prayers morning and evening a prayer to bless each meal a unifying prayer with my roommates prayers and sometimes hymns in my classes and a prayer in my heart throughout the day. I attend our temple at least once a week. I visit and teach specific other church-sisters once a month or more depending. I read my scriptures 30-90 minutes daily, pondering throughout the day on the things I read and applying moral lessons to my life. I participate in humanitarian projects and service activities. As I am not yet married, I live the law of abstinence and virginity. I wear clothes which cover my shoulders to my knees. I have never tried a cigarette, wine, or other addictive harmful substances to my body, nor will I. I strive to go to bed early and arise early, even on weekends. I avoid violence, pornography, swearing, rude behavior, and strive avoiding the same even in entertainment and media. I speak respectfully and honestly with clean language, regarding others as individuals with strengths and weaknesses, just as I. I love and care for my parents and siblings. I smile. 

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

 Through both donations made by other charitable members, and personal and family means.  Show more Show less