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Hi I'm Jena Catherine.

I am a native of the state of Texas. I grew up with a love for music and enjoy sharing this with others. I am a Mormon.

About Me

As Nephi in the Book of Mormon, I was blessed to be born of noble parents. They were loving and kind, yet diligent in providing guidance and the teachings necessary for my sister and me to reach the righteous goals of our hearts. I am a mother of seven and a proud grandmother of more than a dozen. I earned a college education and have strived to impart my convictions of the importance of learning to my children and grandchildren. I am a musician. I enjoy listening, playing the piano, and teaching lessons, especially to children. I live in a small mountain community where the winters are cold, but the summers are usually delightfully cool--that is, in comparison to most other areas of the country. I fill my days with music, reading, arts and crafts, eagerly anticipated cell phone conversations with family and friends, personal business requirements, boring activities--such as dusting furniture and straightening rooms, and making plans for future days.

Why I am a Mormon

Although raised as a Latter Day Saint, it has been necessary for me, as everyone, to gain my own testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. This was, and is still being accomplished, through daily prayer and scripture study--particularly in learning more about the life and teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I have learned that my soul is loved dearly by God and worth gold in His sight. When I came to this realization, my life completely changed. Now, I know I have a purpose in life, a reason for being, a place which only I can occupy, and that I am an individual, known personally and intricately by my Father in Heaven. I am consistently striving to maintain this sense of peace and am grateful to have the blessing of it's presence. I know that God reveals His word to those living on the earth today. We have a Prophet who lovingly provides us with leadership, example, guidance, and instruction as to the Lord's will for His people. I am always hungry to hear him speak. I have awakened to the Lord's presence in this church and I would never consider any other.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in many different ways. First, I make it a habit to remind myself of a question my mother told me to consistently ask myself before acting or re-acting. This is: "What would Jesus do"? I try to conduct myself in such a manner as to never bring disgrace or dishonor upon my Savior's name. This is done, not only for my own benefit, but also to further the example I wish to set--as others may easily see tangible evidence as to my profession of belief in His teachings and in the Gospel. Prayer and scripture study are essential parts of my daily routine, accompanied by regular personal progress assessments, and determinations of needed changes for the future. Having the relevant background, I aid in planning the music to be used during Sunday services, and I am also learning, somewhat impatiently, how to conduct family history research. I am a firm believer that the most accurate indicator of one's integrity, character, and devotion is how one thinks and behaves behind closed doors, when no one else is watching. That, provides the best description, for me and my Savior, as to how I live my faith.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Jena Catherine.
As a woman and mother in the LDS Church, I do not consider myself above, nor subservient, to those male members around me. Men and women are different, yet complementary to each other. The unique qualities associated with each of the sexes have now been shown through scientific research, to be attributable to distinct differences in the anatomy, or the structure, of the brain itself. This discovery adds even more depth and weight to the idea of there being reason for our existence--that we have an identity, with distinguishing characteristics, which was present before we came to this earth, and which will be preserved throughout eternity. Thus, it makes sense to put our best efforts into improving and refining the body, the spirit, and the essence of whom we are. I am honored to be a woman, both as a member of this church, and as an inhabitant of our world at this time in history. I am not only comfortable with my gender, I enjoy every aspect of femininity. I am grateful for the many opportunities, available to me, solely because I am a woman. My decision to become a mother, as well as my experiences in that area, have brought me great joy, no regrets. I consider the special blessings, which come from being a dedicated mother, to be of the highest, granted by God. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Jena Catherine.
The first response which comes to my mind is, "everything"! When translated, this word can easily be used to refer to the universal existence of order, as opposed to chaos or even chance, in evidence around us. Observations could include, consistently predictable outcomes and consequences in nature, all living species reproducing after their own kind, and the rhythms we all take for granted--such as the reoccurrence of the seasons and the reappearance of the sun each morning. Spiritually, the essence of God becomes most obvious to me as I witness the many, varied, positive qualities and attributes found amongst mankind. It would be silly for us, as human beings, to imagine that we are responsible for or capable of inventing any of these things. Credit and gratitude needs to be given to Whom it is due. Returning to my original reply, "everything" tells me that there is a Supreme Being--One who is all-knowing, all-powerful, and who keeps daily watch over each of His beloved children. Show more Show less