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Hi I'm Michael

I'm an Aussie, a family man, I work in the Information Services industry, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 30years old and I live in Australia. I have been happily married for eight years to my wonderful wife and we have two beautiful kids, a girl 6 and a boy 3. My family is everything to me. I work as a Product Manager in the Information Services industry and have a bachelor of computing from a local university. I have had various hobbies and interests over the years, mostly sports where I love Australian Rules football, played basketball for many years up until recently, and I occasionally go to the gym. I also love blues music and play the blues harmonica.

Why I am a Mormon

I became a Mormon because of one doctrine that rang true to me that families can be together forever. I was introduced to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints when I was about 20years old. I chose at that time to have nothing to do with the church but that changed when I heard the teaching of eternal families. When I was 22years old, I read the Book of Mormon that had been given to me by my wife's mother and had lived under the bed since I got it. I knew from attending various activities and church meetings that the thing to do was pray to see if the Book of Mormon was true. When I did so I felt a warmth and peace that I had not felt before. I went to sleep that night with a huge smile on my face knowing of the truthfulness of the gospel. I was baptised a member of the church shortly after and I continue to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ now because I see the fruits of the way of life, the standards the church upholds, and the doctrines that are taught. I see these fruits in the raising of my children, in my relationship with my wife and family and in every facet of my life.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by constantly trying to do the small and simple things that keep us progressing together as a family. We hold family home evening a night of the week when we get together to learn gospel principles and have fun together each week, we have family prayer and family scripture study every day as best we can. I try to make sure I study my scriptures (including the new and old testament and the book of Mormon) each day and that I kneel in prayer each morning and night. For me it is the simple things that make the difference. I also try to be active in any assignment I have in the church, from teaching the youth when I first joined the church to helping preside over an entire congregation at this present time. I try and live up to the standards and way of life Jesus asks me to live and let that be an example to my friends, family and colleagues. I try and reach out to those who are down or struggling whenever I see the need. A kind word or pat on the back can go a long way.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

After Jesus was crucified, resurrected and ascended into heaven, the church and it's members were heavily persecuted. The apostles called by Jesus were killed for their testimony or died over time with no new apostles being called. The organisation Jesus set up to help individuals learn the gospel, receive baptism and other ordinances that help them in their lives and help them progress to be eternal families was lost. There was a long period of time when the church in its fulness, with all the teachings did not exist as Jesus had set up. The bible came to be from the translation and joining of various manuscripts and documents as we have it today. But through translation and over time, things were lost. The authority of Prophets and Apostles was not found to teach truth and provide the necessary guidance and ordinances. The time soon came that the Lord could restore all these things. We learn from the bible that before this restoration of all that once was, there would first be a falling away 2 Thes 2 verse 3. When religious freedom had been granted in the Unites States and much discussion of religion was present, the time came for this restoration. The Lord would call a new prophet, a young boy who was not tainted by the philosophies of men, named Joseph Smith, to restore His church with all its truth and in its fulness. He would establish His Priesthood authority and once again call Prophets and Apostles to lead and guide the people and declare His word. One way this took place was the Saviour guiding the Prophet Joseph in discovering and translating another ancient record. A record that would stand alongside the bible in testifying that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer of the world, that would restore the whole truth about His gospel and all things that would lead families back to Him and our Father in Heaven. This record is the Book of Mormon.  Show more Show less