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Hi I'm Jan

I'm one of the positive results of World War II. Half 'limey' & half Yankee. And, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My GI father met my Anglo mother during World War II. Born in England, I was raised there by my maternal grandmother until I emigrated to the United States when 14. I graduated from nurses training and became a Registered Nurse after completing high school. A feat that would not have been possible for me in England. I am so thankful for the opportunities that were given me to achieve the American dream. I married a wonderful Japanese-American man at 23. We have six wonderful children-3 boys, 3 girls. All our children are happily married, and we have 17 grandchildren. I have worked in various nursing capacities in the early days of my life. I then was semi-retired while raising our family. After 20 years, I returned to nursing and became a School Nurse working in middle and high schools. I still work periodically for a local school district. My husband and I have been married 46 years, onward to eternity. We love our life together in our now Golden Years. I enjoy reading, bicycling, traveling, serving in church callings, and doing family history research.

Why I am a Mormon

I knew little about Jesus Christ when I was young. It was a tradition to go to the Church of England church at Christmas Eve for the midnight service, but after that, religion was out of my life. After coming to the U.S., I went to an evangelical church with my parents during my high school years. The Holy Spirit started to work within me as I spent summer days reading the Bible in those formative years. I loved reading about our Saviour in the Gospels that spoke of His sinless life. He became my greatest hero. I became emotionally & spiritually involved in my parents church. I accepted the altar call given by the pastor, & came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour after repenting of my sins. I continued to study the scriptures; especially liking the Old Testament. The church I attended was based on a large amount of emotion, as well as all the doctrine one could glean from the Bible. I would go to church on Sunday and be buoyed up by a rousing sermon, but by midweek I felt as if I were coming down from a high experience I encountered each Sunday. By the time I finished my senior high school year, I knew there was something more that The Lord had for my life. I continued to search. At that time, various encounters with the LDS Church came into my life all at once. Accidental? I think not! I got an LDS roommate while in training. I was at my parents house when elderly LDS missionaries came to their door. I started to date my future husband; also an LDS member. I read the Book of Mormon, a little, enough to know that it was true & scripture. I got a logical testimony of the True Church before I received a spiritual testimony that came from my prayers. I felt within my heart & soul what the missionaries taught me was true. I was baptized a week after my future husband started his two year mission in Peru. The LDS faith has never disputed or taken away anything from what I believed before. It has added so much more to my understanding & life.

How I live my faith

I have been a member of the Church for 48 years. It has helped me grow personally and spiritually. Periodically, I address the congregation from the pulpit. I overcame my fear of public speaking, thereby. I have taught lessons to adults, children, and young women in Sunday classes. Topics like: family history, first aid, spiritual help, organizing time, and how to teach children. I have led women in church organizations which involved a hundred to a thousand women in several groups. From this experience, I developed skills to organize dinners, meetings, and community events. Recently, I donated nativities for a large Nativity display given for our community. Past years, I helped in group canning of peanut butter and tomatoes. I also did dry packing of food for preservation in case of a future emergency. Once a month, another sister and I, visit five other church sisters to see they are OK. We share a spiritual message with each. We help them with any special needs. Responsibility to care for our sisters in the Church involves all. There is no paid ministry, locally. We are all disciples to do the Lord's work. My husband and I attend 3 hours of meetings on Sunday. They include a worship service and doctrine classes. Once a week, I work in one of The Church's temples, located nearby. We do Sacred work for our dead kindred there. I am a librarian for our local Family history center helping others trace their family lines. I read scriptures daily and have daily prayers. And, recently, I have been given the blessing of teaching our little children again after many years of serving in other church callings.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

There are are eternal and unchanging Laws that have to be observed, or there would be chaos in this world and in the universe. All the elements observe eternal law. God also has to obey His own laws. When laws are broken a price must be paid. Justice has to to be served to bring everything into perfect alignment again. All of us who have been born into this world have made mistakes (sinned against God's law). Because you are a fallen person, you cannot save yourself from the wrong that you have done to either yourself, someone else, or to God. Because our spirits were created by God, the Father, we are indeed His children & we have an internal desire to live with Him again--whether we perceive it now, it or not. But, due to Justice we are unable to do so because we have violated His law. We would be eternally separated from Him. We would therefore, be slaves to Satan in his realm forever! Jesus Christ was the only sinless person to live here in the flesh. He vowed, before the world was created, to be our Saviour for each one personally to save us from our sins. In order to do this service (Atonement), He took upon Himself (in ways we can't discern) our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane & died on the cross for all mankind. Because He was the first person to be Resurrected, we also can be resurrected & return to live with our Father. But, each has to have faith in Jesus Christ, repent of personal sins, & be baptized by immersion to receive Mercy & the gift Holy Ghost. Show more Show less