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Hi I'm Paul Bolduc

I'm a Mormon. i am a recent convert i have been a mormon for just under two years it was the best decision of my life.

About Me

hello, my name is Paul i am a recent convert. I am a home remodeler and i also love to fish. I would say that fishing is definetly my favorite hobby but i also have a passion for woodworking and building homes i love driving away from a jobsite that once was just an empty lot or a piece of the forest and turning it into a home. I would have to say that Victorian homes are my favorite to build because of the elaborate trimwork and rooflines, it just seems as though they are always a bit different from each other.

Why I am a Mormon

why i'm a Mormon seems to change as the months go by i have been in the Church for two years and i have loved every bit of it. I have a Church calling as a Sunday school teacher for the teens and have a small class of five students who are all in high school. I have never really taught before except on the jobsite so i was a bit nervous at first but i really enjoy teaching and sharing my past learning experiences with the students. I joined the Church shortly after helping a dear friend move after she had a stroke,i met a group of people during the move who had never met my friend, yet were giving up the first truly warm and nice saturdey of the spring. As i asked my friends daughter how she knew the people helping she said she had never met them, intrigued i began asking the different people there how they knew my friend of which only a few of the nearly twenty had ever met her. I wondered if I asked twenty people i knew to help me move how many would give an excuse to skip it let alone help a stranger. Just prior to this move i had been on a service mission with my previous church to New Orleans to help years after Katrina tore it asunder in many places. This was a great experience for me and i loved working along side other chuch members so as i learned that the LDS chuch had been there among the first responders it opened my ears to the Church. After my friend recovered enough to ask me to come to an LDS service i came after several of her attempts and was able to speak with some of her new friends that had helped on the move and found one person in particular whom i had alot in common with and after a handfull of months later baptized me. I really enjoy the service aspect of the Church it helps me grow as a person and a Christian.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by trying to follow the example given to us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know i am no where near perfect yet i believe headway is made only through effort and prayer certainly helps. I think being a Sunday school teacher for the youth certainly helps by requiring scripture reading and study while preparing for lessons. I must admit that I probably have learned just as much along the way as the students hopefully have while i add my own life learned lessons as they pertain to the lesson at hand. I can only hope they are inspired to listen and apply the lessons in their daily lives as i try to, but they are such good kids and seem to have great family lives i am sure they will do well in lifes trials and tribulations alongside the celebrations of life. some of the greatest moments of being a Mormon come from having the young Missionaries over for dinner and lessons, it seems the Spirit is trully with them as they devout so much time to speading the message of Jesus Christ and His great sacrifice for the atonement of our sins. I really enjoy listening to them talk about how the mission affects their lives and can only wonder what would have been different in my life if i had the opportunity to serve in such a life altering way as a young man, i am sure some of my missteps would have been avoided but at the same time i realise that i am who i am because of the things i have learned along the way. For anyone who says its too late for me to change who i am I say its never too late its just a choice.

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Paul Bolduc
One of the first things i asked my friend who was a member after she first started asking me to come and listen to a meeting was "isnt mormonism where you get to marry a few women" now she laughed at this and said no that was not the case but that perhaps i would learn more by simply attending a few Chuch meetings and have a few lessons by the missionaries so i could ask as many questions as i wanted. Show more Show less