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Hi I'm Brandon

I'm a gamer, a missionary in the Arizona Phoenix Mission, honest, mountain biking, ATV riding, outdoor loving guy and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I love the outdoors. Being outside in nature and the fresh air is something that always makes my days better. I love camping with the family and fishing with my Dad. Although it always seems that my Dad gets the bigger fish in the stories. I love mountain biking and hiking with friends, family or just by myself. It’s always a blast. I enjoy ATVs as well though I would have to say that my favorite ones to have fun with are dirt bikes and my 3-wheeler, or even just taking my truck off the road and getting it all muddy and covered with dirt. Although when the day comes to an end and there is no more sun, I normally will go in and enjoy hanging out with my friends playing games or talking about past adventures that we have had or stories that others have missed, watch moves and just have a blast. On those days that no one can do anything and the time seems to drag on for hours, I will pick up my guitar and strum something or draw random things with my pen or play some games on the computer or my PS3. I try to find something to make the day go by faster than it had when I was doing nothing. I have been attending some college for a degree in architecture. I have worked landscaping and spent most my summers outside in the hot sun from sun up to sun down. After work and school I’m chilling with my family, eating a nice big bowl of ice cream and watching TV, or talking about what happened that day. Sometimes we plan out the next big family activity or play some games for fun.

Why I am a Mormon

Because it’s true! Because I have read the Book of Mormon and have prayed to know whether it was of God, and he has answered that prayer many times. Because I have asked the questions and found the answers and have not just gone around believing in what others just tell me to. I have put them to the test and found that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is God’s true and everlasting church here on the earth. Having faith in Jesus Christ has helped me to get through some really hard things in my life. I have seen that when I follow the commandments of God and do the things that he tells me through the prophets of old and new, that my life is easier, that I can cope with the hard things that happen in my life, and that I really am just so much happier everyday as I do those things. I know who I am, what God wants me to do, and how I can have a happy and joyful life now and for all eternity - with no end - it never will stop, but get better and better.

How I live my faith

Well being a missionary for the Church you are engulfed in the faith. You have the great opportunity to study the scriptures daily along with going to church every week and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone that you meet every day of every week for two years of your life. That is not always the easiest thing to do. With people yelling stupid things at you or throwing things at you as you ride your bike... and telling you that you’re wrong or stupid for doing it makes you really look at what you believe and why you are doing it, but then you get to see the change in people’s lives for the better... see them more happy, get along with their family better and just seem to have a stronger diligence in following Christ - and that helps them.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

For me there are many things that help me to know that there is a God. The one that I can see every day is the world. Looking around at the mountains, the plants, the animals, all things that are out in nature and how they all work confirms there is a God. Seeing what we have been able to create with his help and the way that we can bring new life into this world is other evidence. There are other reasons. Having seen my prayers be answered. Having peace and happiness in my life - and not for short times or just temporarily, but all the time. One of the things that happened in my family that makes me know without a doubt in my mind is that my brother was in an accident where he was hit head-on while on his bike. When I have talked to him, he tells me that it was as if someone set him down on the ground after flying through the air. Not even any bruises. Everyone that helped him told him and my parents that he should have been dead. That he should not have lived. However he is still here. I know that God is real and he is there for us - His children. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

Well if you want to return to God, also known as "our Heavenly Father" then you have to have faith in His Son namely Jesus Christ. That is the only way that we as imperfect humans can come close to our Heavenly Father and have the chance to return to Him one day. Now for me it took some time to find out that faith is not just believing and saying he is there and you’re taken care of, but it is actively seeking him. Keeping his commandments and following the example that Christ gave to us builds our faith. To trust in him and what he has told us, to have the confidence that it can and will happen, and be willing to do what he asks of us. It gives us power to do and not just be acted upon - to live, to learn, to grow, to be strengthened. It shows our love for Jesus Christ and helps us to understand why things happen in this life. It is a great gift to have the chance to have faith. Show more Show less