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Hi I'm Wes

I grew up in a small farm town. I helped organize a Special Olympics Team. I'm going to medical school. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

You know the song "Life is a Highway?" That is exactly how I feel. And there sure aren't any stop signs on a highway. I have been going to school for the past three years on a pre-med course. I have taken more chemistry classes than I can remember, and am ready to move on! During my life at school, I met and married my fabulous wife, Jenna. We have now been married for a year and a half and she is expecting our first kid, a boy, in June. I want to name him Jeep, but Jenna doesn't like it for some reason... I love being with friends and family! I grew up in a little farm town and spent my time playing basketball and hanging out like most typical kids that age. I went on a mission to the Philippines and absolutely loved it. It changed my life. I love and miss the Filipino people. So yeah, life is a highway! Today I am busy trying to get decent grades, preparing for my application to med school, taking care of a wife, getting ready to be a dad, and trying to get some sleep and exercise when I can. Sitting in a chair studying all day hasn't been good for my physique... I love being Mormon and I love learning more about Jesus Christ and His church! Take care and God bless!

Why I am a Mormon

If someone would have asked me this question ten years ago, I would have simply said because that is how I was raised. However I now can answer this question with personal experience and conviction. I am a Mormon because I know that being a Mormon and living the way the Mormons teach is the best way to find happiness in this life and in the life to come. Call it selfish. I want to be as happy as possible, I want to be with my friends and family forever, I want to live a life that includes personal confidence, a clear conscience, and a service oriented attitude. That is what the LDS church teaches, that is what God teaches. I have come to know for myself that this Church teaches correct doctrine and it is the only church on this whole planet that contains all the pieces to the puzzle that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A few years ago I completed a mission for the church, I was a Missionary in Manila, Philippines. When I began my mission, I thought I knew that the church was true, yet I soon had experiences that made me question. I never questioned whether the church was true, but more like I questioned whether I really knew it or not. I had heard of people having these wonderful confirming experiences when they just knew that the Book of Mormon was the Word of God, and that the LDS church was His church, yet I had never had one of these "wow" experiences. I really wanted one. I prayed and prayed and prayed that I would receive one. Yet I never did. I continued in my mission and one day, while writing in my journal, I realized that I just knew it. I didn't have a "wow" experience, and I never have since that time, yet I absolutely knew that the Book of Mormon is all that it claims it is. I have never doubted since. This experience and many others like it taught me that I am a Mormon because I know it is right. I love being a Mormon! It really does bring me happiness.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith everyday by simply doing what I know I should do. I sure am not perfect, and I have made mistakes, but simply living by the guidelines I have been taught is the way I try to live my faith. Regarding specific church responsibilities, I have been a teacher for the other members my age, and I have been assigned to work with the adolescents, which is my favorite! My adolescent group assignment was similar to a scout master; we went on camping trips, played sports, learned about church programs and missionary work, and ALWAYS, without fail, we had lots and lots of food! It was great because they told me about all their girl problems and since I am married, I obviously know everything about the ladies and how to make them swoon. Living my faith also changes day to day. Sometimes I will be asked to help teach a lesson, or set up for an activity, or shovel snow, or help people move, whatever it may be, it changes a lot. I feel that living with an attitude of looking to serve is the way to go, because we never know when those chances might pop up!

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Our bodies are one of the greatest gifts God has given us! They are simply amazing! They are one of the reasons I want to go to medical school, because I am fascinated with how they grow, develop, heal, reproduce, and so many other wonderful things! We believe that before we came to this earth, we existed as Spirits in the presence of God, who had a physical body. In order for us to become like God, we needed to receive a body, and so God created this earth as a place for us to receive this wonderful gift. It is important for us to take care of our bodies because they are Gifts from God. Think of the greatest gift your greatest friend has ever given you, and imagine throwing it out on the road and running it over with a dump truck! Your friend would probably be crushed, but so would you! You just disrespected that wonderful gift. Not good. Another reason to take care of our bodies is that the better care we show them, the better they perform! They are completely opposite from everything man has created. If you want to keep your car or TV or boat is pristine form, don't use it. Keep it locked up and clean. But our bodies perform better the more we use them! And having a healthy functioning body is such an amazing feeling! Our bodies are referred to as Temples because they house our Spirits. As I mentioned earlier, we existed as Spirits before this life; well, we still have Spirits, and our body is their home, or Temple! Another great reason to keep it clean. Show more Show less