Case: Fisherman, Golfer, bus driver, Atonement, Case, John Wayne, Mormon.

Hi I'm Case

About Me

I love fishing because I can get away from the hussle and bussle of the world, to enjoy the beauties of nature that God created for us all! My grandpa found the fishing hole over 60 years ago and we've been fishing there since. Even though he has passed on, I know that I will see him again, which is another beauty God created for us, Eternal Life. I love photography for the same reason I do fishing. I like to take photos of scenic places and of people at those places. I played golf on my high school team, now I play for fun. I love watching John Wayne movies with my family because it reminds me of my ancestors. I live at home with my Mom, Dad, and brother Collin. Collin is Autistic, however, I've learned that those with disabilities are still God's children and he loves everyone the same! I attend college and am a part time city bus driver.I served a mission in Western Washington which I learned that we obtain blessings from God as we are obedient to his laws. I've gained a powerful witness of how Jesus Christ's Atoning Sacrifice works in all of our individual lives; through him my weaknesses were and are continued to be made strong. My heart has become broken towards Christ, knowing he sacrificed his life for us. I was baptized at age eight and I've felt the influences of the Holy Ghost in my life which I've had to learn to recognize. By keeping the promise I made with God when I was baptized and as I try to be like Jesus, I continue to see the miracles of God in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church of Christ on the earth. I believe that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ; and through him God brought back to the earth all of his gospel. The Book of Mormon is evidence to this truth. After I put forth the effort to studying The Book of Mormon and The Bible I prayed to know if they and his church were true. Through the feelings in my heart, the Holy Ghost told me that it is true. I served a mission in Western Washington-as a representative of Christ, teaching his gospel, I saw miracles in the lives of others and in my life. I'm thorouly convinced that coincidences are not real. We are the children of God and he operates in our lives more than we realize. He wants us to live with him forever, but there are requirements that we must fulfill in this life in order for that to be possible. In the LDS church, these things are taught and I live by them so that I can obtain that blessing someday. I'm a Mormon because the way I live makes perfect sense and I'm happy by doing so!

Personal Stories

What blessings have come through your faith in Jesus Christ?

My faith and willingness to follow Jesus Christ and my obedience to God the Father and his commandments has changed me into a confident person! Christ stood in my place; He suffered and died for them so that when I mess up I have the opportunity to change and be forgiven of my sins. My faith in Christ means that I follow him and try to emulate his example; when I do this then he blesses me. When I was a teenager I had many anxiety and health problems that, at times, seemed unbearable. At one point, I had to be taken out of public school because I couldn't handle the embarrassment of my struggles. I took medication to lessen the effects, however all I wanted was to be cured! While serving as and LDS missionary, my health problems worsened. For a time I had to be temporarily released from my calling. I was very depressed and upset over it. Eventually, I got a handle on it and I was able to return to full service. Soon enough, I found myself in the same situation as before, but I was bound and determined to make it through! One morning, I awoke energized and really happy. A thought from The Holy Ghost came to mind telling me, "Try not taking your medication today." I obeyed, and since that point I have had very little affects from that problem. I am able to handle others knowing and not feel embarrassed in a public setting. This truly has been the greatest miracle in my life so far! I wouldn't have imagined that God actually would have helped me through this problem. This has strengthened my testimony of God's will for me. I am his spirit son and his greatest desire is to see me succeed in life. I will succeed as I follow Christ, continue to use his Atonement, live the commandments, and do what is right. There will be more difficult times, but I know now that I can make it through.

How I live my faith

I don't blindly follow one man who claims to be a prophet, 12 men who claim to be apostles, or the son of a carpenter who claimed to be the Savior of the World; I do because I know those men are prophets, seers, and revelators, and that Jesus Christ is our Savior! Simply, I live my faith by following the example of Jesus Christ-I try a little harder each day to become like him. There are many aspects to being a Mormon; I believe that serving and loving those who are of and not of our faith is an important aspect to being a Mormon. Daily scripture study and prayer are two commandments Heavenly Father has commanded us to live: I love to study my scriptures-prayerfully! By studying my scriptures and praying for the Holy Ghost to help me learn, I become closer to Christ and my desire to live like him, increases. I can feel a difference each day, as I study them, compared to when I don't. I currently serve in a leadership position is the singles ward I attend and by tending to my calling diligently, I am blessed by my Heavenly Father. The Prophet Joseph Smith said: "When God commands, do it!" This is how I live my faith each day, through obedience.