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Hi I'm Brandi Koltermann

I'm a proud wife & mother. I'm an Orthodontic Assistant. I enjoy the piano, traveling, & shooting. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up as a proud military daughter and was able to live all over the United States as well as Korea. I graduated high school in Hawaii where I was then was able to attend BYU-Hawaii for a time. I moved to North Carolina where I met my best friend and married him! I ADORE being a wife and mother of 4 outstanding children. I went back to school and am now an Orthodontic Assistant since 2007. I enjoy assisting to help someone gain confidence through their smile. I love hosting parties and hanging out with friends. If my calendar isn't full then I try and find ways to fill it. I enjoy traveling and recently visited Egypt with my husband along with a set of dear friends. It was a privilege to walk on such ancient spiritual grounds. I have a passion for shooting and would love to compete one day, once I gain the courage! One of my most favorite things to do is sit around the piano and sing with my children. My heart is touched when my oldest son says to me, "Mom, do you mind if I play?" Raising my children in the gospel is a complete joy!

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? That's easy, I knelt down beside my bunk bed when I was at a youth conference when I was 14 years old and asked God if Joseph Smith was a true prophet sent by God. My body became tingly all over. The back of my neck felt like the hair was standing straight up. I felt the love of my Savior as if he were wrapping his arms completely around me and saying, "YES, IT'S TRUE!" I continued my prayer and asked, "is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints true?" Not only did I have the very exact same feeling all over my body but at that moment, tears started flowing from eyes. I knew, without any doubt, that the church was true. I found myself not asking God anything else. I just remember kneeling there feeling happy and content. When I finally rose to my feet I remember feeling tired almost, as if I had just ran a long race. I knew that the Holy Ghost spoke to me and answered my prayer. I had never really doubted that the Savior or Joseph Smith weren't real, but I had never taken the time to ask either. I'm grateful that I have that solid testimony that I can pass down to my children and am eternally grateful for the experience that I can share with them. I have encouraged them to ask for themselves and not just rely on my personal testimony of Jesus Christ. I want them to have their own experience that will change their life forever! I have been to other churches with friends and family before to support them during a special occasion. Have I felt the desire to search out other religions concerning their beliefs, I would have to say, "no." There is no reason to because I feel that there is only one true church on the earth that has ALL the keys to return to live with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Why search anywhere else...that..is why I am a Mormon!

How I live my faith

When I was 18 years old I started attending my first single's ward at BYU where I became a visiting teacher. It was strange to visit girls that were my own age and try to give them spiritual message. After the first couple of times it became exciting to make the appointments. Then I became a Sunday School teacher~how fun! When I visited my family in CA, I started doing EVERYTHING with the Sister Missionaries. My testimony strengthened and I developed the desire to go on a mission. As a short time passed I ended up moving to North Carolina where I shortly meet my husband at a spaghetti dinner in between general conference sessions. March 2, 1996 we were married. We moved to Lehi, UT where I became a Sunbeam teacher for the 3-4 year olds. In 1997 we moved to Ft. Bragg, WA where we lived for almost 5 years. I had an array of callings. One that really touched me was being the compassionate service leader. I was in charge of providing people that could give service to their fellow members whether they were ill, needed yard work done and or just needed to be read too. When we moved to Japan, one of the many callings that I was assigned was the Gospel Doctrine teacher. Here I was a young 25 year old trying to teach the doctrines of the church to "grown-ups" about the Old Testament. My knowledge of the scriptures started to grow at a very quick pace. Finally, moving to NC in 2006 our family has been able to grow together even more in the gospel. Travis, my 17 year old, is excited to be preparing for his mission as soon as he graduates high school. The missionaries have played an important role in our house. Travis spoke at a Missionary Fireside on "Showing faith through missionary work" He made a statement that will forever stick with me, "the only way to show faith through missionary work is to simply BE A MISSIONARY!" I am a leader again for the young women and enjoy bearing my testimony to them often about our Savior!