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Hi I'm Dan

I'm a Mormon, a husband , father and now grandfather.

About Me

 With a beautiful wife and 4 children, I am very blessed. Our two older children are married providing 4 wonderful grandchildren with 1 on the way. My life is focused on marriage, family and life. We love to fish, go on hikes and long drives. Eating together has to be the funnest time, because we all like to cook.  

Why I am a Mormon

 My wife was the motivator for our family to become active in our church. She led the way by accepting a calling as a primary teacher. She understood that our children needed some moral foundation to build upon. That the world teaches selfish ways and to live for the moment, while our faith promotes service and eternal values. Our church emphasizes family relations and truths that have withstood the test of time.Our family was sealed in the Logan Temple. Because of this, we have the opportunity to live together forever if we are obedient to our Heaven Father's commandments. This is our goal.  

How I live my faith

 I am currently serving in our ward as a clerk. In all of our callings to serve, we are able to practice our belief's,test them if you will. As we learn about the church through serving in different areas, our testimonies grow as we see the world through our Savior's eyes. I have seen miracles performed in safety for our children, health restored and sorrows wiped clean. I have felt the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I have also felt His sorrow when I stumbled and fell short. We keep the sabbath day holy by not shopping or watching worldly shows or sports on Sunday. We visit family and friends. Read the scriptures and enjoy the day of rest. At first this was a hard change for me, but I have seen the wisdom of this small sacrifice as blessings have come our way. We also write in our journal the things that have happened to us or the difficulties we may be facing. Also the happy moments that we need to remember in difficult times.  

Who are the Mormons?

 Those strange people with those peculiar ways. Fire proof undergarments and a positive outlook on life. Who focus on family and tradition. Always going to a meeting of some sort. They show up on your doorstep with these cookies and such. Always trying to trick you into doing something nice for someone else. They believe in God and country. Send their sons to far away places to ride bicycles and eat Rama noodles. I hear they even have to pay the church to get them to go.  Show more Show less

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

I certainly do! Our modern day prophets have always been way ahead of the world in admonition of health,morality,and good living. They always teach us to follow the Savior Jesus Christ ,not themselves. They hardly ever use the term " I " in their talks. They always talk about uplifting and motivating issues and never down grade another religion. Our current prophet is Thomas S. Monson and he can wiggle his ears. He had 84 widows in his ward in Salt Lake when he was a Bishop and grew to love each one. He is a loving man and adores children. He can make you laugh about the world. And he can make you cry for the world. I believe that if the Savior was here today, He would be doing the same. I always feel the spirit whenever He talks. You can feel the spirit too if you watch him during General Conference this October. Besides if there were prophets in the old days why not now? We need them now more than ever. Show more Show less

In whom should we have faith?

What a good question!!! In this world of turmoil and unrest, where do we find peace? Without faith in a God, what can we do? Do you suppose that we crawled out of the slime and evolved into men and women just to die and be no more? I have faith that there is a God and that we were created after His image. We all have the promise to live with Him again if we live the very best we can. Without this faith we have no reason to have happiness. We have no hope without this faith. Our religion bases our faith in God the Eternal Father and His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. If you follow one you will follow the other. It is comforting to know that there is someone in charge that can overcome the world's problems with a wave of His hand or a soft voice. He has in the past and I believe he will again.  Show more Show less