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Hi I'm Marco Marques

A fulfilling life is also the most challenging, I don't make life what it isn't, I laugh, I dance and I cry. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Me. I'm always savoring opportunities. We have so much potential it blows my mind! I love the simpler pleasures in life, enjoying time talking to a friend, learning from them, listening to their worries and their hopes, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who find's things hard sometimes. I love challenging myself to achieve my potential, face fears and to learn and appreciate what God has given us here on earth. Making use of abilities, learning new ones, using them to make a difference. The way isn't easy, but the best things in life come through challenges. It's often after a challenge that you get the prize. Think treasure hunt! I love the ability we have to express out self and our souls, music, poetry, art, i appreciate those with talent who are true to themselves and can channel their inspiration into something amazing. I don't give up at the first hurdle, I know we are here to become people capable of loving without reserve or a filter. Having served as a missionary in Spain Barcelona God taught me how to listen to people, to see them how he does. I loved the chance I had there every day to lift people's faith, to give them hope. To teach about Christ, because his grace is sufficient for our short-comings. I saw people change, I saw these friends increase in faith, learn to overcome, to look ahead and leave behind mistakes and burdens in their lives. I constantly learn from the mistakes I make in my life. I can't do it all alone.

Why I am a Mormon

I came into this world with parents who had converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I was taught and brought up in the gospel but i found my own way and gained my own testimony of it over my teenage years. My parents separated aged 7, age 8 i was baptized and was given the gift of the Holy Spirit. My mum shortly after, fell away from the church, and went, taking me, to other christian churches. As inviting and loving as the people where during their meetings, i did not feel the spirit like i did in the Mormon church and i kept to my faith I didn't have the chance to go to church living with my mother. Not that she would stop me from doing so, but i had not the opportunity nor the initiative to search out where i might find a chapel and go for myself as the years passed whilst a secondary school pupil. I would continue reading scripture, praying, and i came to the end of the book of Mormon to chapter 10, verses 2-5. I read them, and prayed as the scripture had prompted. I listened. Sat still in my room. I felt a feeling of peace. I knew that the book of Mormon was true, i never doubted it, but i also wanted to feel that it was true. A year later and i had returned to that passage by instruction at a general conference i had attended earlier in the week. Upon reading it my throat swole up, my heart began to race. I felt a surge of joy and warmth as i cried over the pages. The book is True

How I live my faith

I make an effort to love people, listen to them and enjoy time with them. I avoid extremes, I have lots of work and lots of fun, but it's never worth going overboard. Live with respect to others, I have learnt so much from friends of different culture and faith. I've met many faithful Muslims, Sikhs and Hindu who have a lot to share and teach me. Their righteous examples of faith help me to appreciate what I experience in my faith. As my understanding of people's different cultures and religion increases, the more I can love and appreciate them. Live with respect to myself; I'm sometimes guilty of not taking care of myself. (how I don't live my faith!) Yes I'm working on it! Sometimes I deprive myself of a good diet, sometimes I don't sleep enough, or do enough exercise. It really does make a difference in the way I treat myself, I notice it. In the same way my stomach grumbles when I'm not eating right, my spiritual resilience decreases when I don't nourish myself spiritually through prayer, scripture study and attending church meetings. Taking the time to pray, to let my heart out, and to listen! Love scriptures, study them, study Christ and his life, his prophets and disciples, what did they do to follow him? What am I asked to do as his disciple? I write these things down and put them somewhere I can see them. (Love those sticky notes) Then I actually look at them and read them. ("Oh yeah! I remember that now") Love the temple, this is where we serve families to help them stay together during life here and life with God. In the temple I feel so much love and I'm reminded of who I really am. What I'm really here for.