What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jason Mount

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Jason Mount and I live in Georgia with my wife and 5 children. I was raised in California and currently work as an emergency room physician. I played volleyball for my university team and still enjoy playing whenever I can. I spend most of my free time with my kids helping them with their schoolwork, sporting activities, and all the other activities they enjoy. I work with local boy scouts and serve on our city's school board. Our family enjoys swimming, taking trips to the beach, waterskiing, and spending time with other family members who live around us.

Why I am a Mormon

 I was raised a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints but like all members, there came a time when I had to find out for myself if what my parents had taught me was true. In my late adolescent years, I went through a personal journey of study, prayer, and learning. I learned by the quiet but undeniable impressions of the Holy Ghost that the doctrines my parents taught me were true and have tried to follow the gospel of the Savior ever since.

How I live my faith

 I try to live the gospel by following the example of the Savior, Jesus Christ. It is not easy and I make mistakes, but thankfully the gospel was made for imperfect people just like me! The church is run completely by volunteers. Members of local congregations help by serving in various positions, all guided by a man who is not paid to serve as our Bishop. He is the equivalent to a pastor, but usually has a family and separate career of his own. Through the inspiration of the Lord, he invites members of the congregation to assist him by serving in various positions in the congregation. I have had the great pleasure of serving in several positions in the congregations I have belonged to in my life. Currently I work with the youth of the church, specifically young men aged 12-14. On Sundays I assist their Sunday school teacher with his lessons and on Wednesday nights I meet with these young men for youth activities. We work on boy scout merit badges, play various sports or games, and plan for service projects when the need arises. On occasion we will go camping. I thoroughly enjoy working with these young men and watching them grow and develop into righteous individuals. In the past I have taught Sunday school, served as pianist for my congregation, and many other different jobs in the church. I try to serve in the community as well, because I love the city where I live and want to help keep it such a wonderful place to live. Currently I serve on the local city school board and thoroughly enjoy working with teachers, principals, and others in maintaining and improving our local schools. In general, the Savior taught that we should love others and serve them. I feel the most happy and at peace when I spend my time serving others through my volunteer work in the church, in my home, and community.

Are Mormons Christians?

Jason Mount
 Yes. I have heard it said that we do not believe in Christ. In fact, we do believe in Jesus Christ. We believe in the Old Testament and in its many prophesies of his future birth. We believe in the New Testament and in its description of his life, teachings, death, and resurrection. We believe that he is the Son of God. We believe that he suffered for our sins, gave his life for us, and then was resurrected. We also believe that he lives now and actively communicates with us, both through his prophet and with us individually. I believe in him and am so grateful for what he has done for me and for what he continues to do for me. We believe that without his grace there is nothing we could do to be worthy of salvation, but that because of his sacrifice, we are enabled to live with God once again after our lives are through.  Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Jason Mount
We believe that there are two obstacles preventing us from being able to return to live with God after this life. These obstacles are sin and death. Death separates us from living with God. Sin also separates us from God. Much like in our society when a crime is committed, there is a punishment or price to be paid as a result. For instance, if a man steals a car, society demands repayment and sometimes even prison time. In God's universe, sin is the crime and separation from God, pain, and regret are the punishments fixed to it. If a man sins, he is deserving of pain, regret, and is unable to live with God. Jesus Christ came here and paid the price for every sin committed by those who believe in him. This act is called the Atonement. His suffering satisfies the required punishment of sin and therefore allows us to return to live with our Father in Heaven instead of remaining separated from him. His resurrection also frees us from death. Because of him, we will all be resurrected someday.  Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

Jason Mount
When a member of the church says that he has a "testimony" of a truth or doctrine, what he means is that he believes in that truth or doctrine because the Holy Ghost has spoken to him. More specifically, we believe that each person has the right and privilege to receive personal confirmation by the Holy Ghost of the truths taught by the scriptures and leaders of the church. We are not expected to accept doctrine just because it is taught to us by another person, no matter who they are. The Savior taught in the Bible that the Holy Ghost will teach "all things" and members who receive such teachings from the Holy Ghost express this fact by saying they have a "testimony". For instance, I was taught by my parents that Jesus Christ lived long ago in Israel, gave his life for me, then was resurrected. This is a phenomenal story, but it wasn't until later in my life that I received confirmation from the Holy Ghost that I knew that it was true. So now, I can say, "I have a testimony of Jesus Christ."  Show more Show less