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Hi I'm Carter

I do Capoeira, Free Running, Missionary Work and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm serving in one of the best states in the U.S. I am very into things of a spiritual nature and I love to pray with people of all faiths. I love rock music as well as oldies and am very blessed to have always had musical people around me. I think I can sing but my companions don't always agree. I love to be in nature go hiking, camping, and rock climbing. I know everyone has something of value I can learn from them that will help me improve and that I can help them improve in some way as well. I lwent to school in Utah was studying Nursing and will continue to do so after my mission but as for now I serve the Lord.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church and raised that way. I chose not to go for a few years and experiment in other religions from all over the world including Bhuddism, Hindu, Hari krjisna, Yoga, most flavors of Christianity and agnostic praising of the universal higher being.Though some I studied more intently than others In each type of religion I found things that were amazing and spritually uplifting. When I had experianced all of these things for myself I tried once again to be LDS and I felt the spirit stronger in this religion felt more uplifted doing the activities and saw a completely selfless attitude which I had not found otherwise. I realize that there are people who are great examples of their religion and some who are not but when looking past that and fully comprehending the set up and beliefs I felt that God was in this church. It took me years to finally get past the people and look for the God in it. I found Him through attending the Provo Temple there in praying to our creator and asking him if this was right and if it was right for me. I recieved my answer and continued to recieve more witnesses that this is the Church of God. It was shortly after that I decided to serve a mission it took me a year to prepare for it but it is worth the effort.

How I live my faith

I work hard and pray harder. I'm not a perfect representative of this religion but I know I don't have to be the Spirit does the rest of the work for me. I improve myself daily and help others to as well.

What is being a Mormon like?

It is kind of like being a normal person but more fun. I love being LDS the world makes more sense and I know the purpose for which God Created each of us. So yeah, It's pretty cool. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

We have not always had the Bible if you think about it. The book was written by prophets and apostles who wrote about the coming of the Messiah and commandments which we would have to live up to in order to obtain Eternal Life. When the Savior came he organized his church to fulfill all of the prophesies prior to his time and to declare salvation to all who would follow. He called apostles to keep and organize that original church unfortunatley most of those apostles died before they could organize leadership to take their place. The church was then ran by the writing of letters and epistles left from those apostles and other leaders at the time. Those writings were written by men who were ordained and inspired by God to do so but over time men who were not called by God to do so, have organized and translated those writings. Since that time Man have deemed these writings as scritpture of a holy decent but due to the changes made through ignorance or malintent the bible has been interpreted in so many ways that only some of basic doctorine can be agreed on. In essesence the bible has need of a restoring to regain the fulness of it's true doctorine the church which Jesus Organized on the earth has been restored by a prophet who was ordained by God to do so. The book of Mormon is writings also written by prophets called of God and verify all of the true teachings of the Bible and bring understanding between the stick of Ephraim and the stick of Judah written of in Ezekial 37. Show more Show less