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Hi I'm Kelly

After serving in AmeriCorps, I decided to teach English Language Learners, love people from all over and and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an outgoing person who loves to travel, been blessed with language learning abilities. It wasn't until I was 33 that I decided to go the the University. I have a degree in Spanish, a minor in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I am currently studying ASL (American Sign Language). I have lived in Germany several times, studied abroad in Mexico, backpacked through Europe 2x. Been to Egypt, Cayman Islands, and many other places. I love Last year, I took my mom on a cruise, our first one, and she decided that we should go parasailing, which we sure did. It was a fabulous experience. My mom and I are best friends. I was not fortunate enough to be a mother, but I am the grandmother to 8 beautiful children, ranging in age from 10 down to 1 year. They love me and I love and miss them, even though they only live 1/2 hour away. The title of Grandma is an honorable title that I do not take lightly.

Why I am a Mormon

After divorcing my husband in 1991, I decided to return back to Texas to live (I hate the Minnesota winters), and while living there met a man who is LDS. Over the space of a year, I got to learn lots about the LDS religion. I had went to Church as a youth but didn't have a personal relationship with Heavenly Father. Reasons I joined the Church: 1. While very sick, my LDS friend, told me he would take me to the hospital or have the missionaries come to give me a blessing. It was this blessing, given to me while I was in a very serious asthma attack, that healed me before the missionaries even left the door. It was at that point I wondered why this had happened and why this Church was so different than others. I decided that I needed to investigate this Church. About six months later, after praying for the truths of the religion and found it to be true. The healing I received was the number one reason to join the Church. 2. The huge focus on family. 3. The realization that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are 3 distinct beings, and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have bodies of flesh and bones. 4. The thought that Heavenly Father talks to living prophets on the earth. This made sense to me because the Bible didn't address things like: internet pornography, music lyrics, and other modern day issues.

How I live my faith

Our church meets on Sundays, for a 3 hour block of time. Our first meeting is called sacrament, which I attend weekly. It is during this time that we have 3 speakers from the congregation who speak on a specified topic. Today's topic for example was: Christ-like love and doing service for others. During this time, weekly, we partake of the sacrament, some call this communion. We eat bread signifying the body of Christ, and water signifying the blood of Christ. Our second hour is a Sunday School class. This year we are studying the New Testament, this week focusing on Ephesians. Our third hour is divided into two groups. There are both a men's group and a women's group. Also the second and third hours are for children, ages 18 months to 18 years old. I cannot make it through the week without going to Church. It is something I cannot live without; just like I cannot be without water. I have been working in the nursery, an activity chairwoman, a Sunday School teacher, a Temple coordinator, and an assistant librarian. These are volunteer positions but the bishop (name for our clergyman) prays about and decided which position each person should be in. During sacrament meeting I try to help mothers with their children, it's something I really enjoy. I have stickers, color books, and books to help occupy their time. It is something I can do to give what I have been so generously given.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I have seen so many miracles in life. If there wasn't a God how could you explain the growth and birth of babies? The body is so intricate that there is no way it could just happen. How could a person explain how a flower planted one year knows to grow each year? These are not happenstance. I have had miracles, especially with my health, that testifies that there is a Higher Power, or Master Creator, we call Heavenly Father. I recovered from a MRSA staph infection in 2009. For anyone unaware, this is a very serious illness. I needed to have IV antibiotics twice a day for 2 weeks. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and I feel the Holy Spirit testify to me that Heavenly Father is there and loves each one of us. Find out for yourself and sincerely pray about it, and if you are willing and ready to accept your answer you will find out that your life too will change and the blessings you receive will astonish you!! Show more Show less

What is the Word of Wisdom that Mormons talk about?

The Word of Wisdom that Latter Day Saints live is a God-given health plan revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1833 was a directive on healthy living way before people would have ever known. We do not smoke cigarettes, cigars or use other kinds of tobacco. We do not drink alcohol, tea or coffee. These are dangerous to one's health, I should know. I smoked and drank alcohol before I joined the Church. Having senstive lungs and having smoked, I have had a continual cough for the past couple of years, that I would not have had if I had never smoked. Alcohol comsumption leads to a person sometimes being unaware of what they are doing and many times leads to making unrighteous choices. I believe that the Word of Wisdom was instituted by Heavenly Father to help us take better care of our bodies. Show more Show less