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Hi I'm Fred

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My greatest joy in life comes from being a husband, father and grandfather. Nothing else compares! My childhood was challenging because of mental/physical abuse and divorce combined with prolonged poverty. However, my sweet-pure Mother was an absolute saint! She was the pivotal force for good in my youth. I served an honorable mission to the wonderful people of Ohio. AFter my mission, I was blessed to partner eternally with my beautiful bride, Connie. This year marks our 28th anniversary. We have seven children. Of those, three have/or are serving missions and three are married, blessing us with two grandchildren thus far and a third on the way. We live in a small Utah town, we affectionately referr to as "Mayberry". I obtained my education from UVU and Westminster College. I am an Operations/Global Supply Chain professional. Looking at my picture, you might see what appears to be an unorthodox Mormon because of my facial hair. Rather than driving a minivan or SUV, I built and ride a custom motorcycle- often driving it to church. I get lots of looks, because of my ape hanger handle bars, gangster fenders and loud pipes. In addition to family and motorcycles, I love building things with my hands. I love spending my weekends tinkering in my garage. I also love to read, ski, camp and listen to music. I'm a huge fan of Bob Seger, Audioslave, Jamey Johnson and the Foo Fighters. However, I do limit myself to the Tabernacle Choir on Sundays...

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon first because of my Mother and I continue to be a Mormon because I found my own personal testimony. in 1993, we began reading the Book of Mormon everyday as a family and each day personally. Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine. He knows that I strive to read each morning. I revealed to him that since September of 1997 I've been keeping track and just finished reading it for my 22nd time. He wondered at my logic in reading it and then re-reading it again and again. He questioned whether or not I learn new things with each reading. I confirmed with him an absolute truth that the learning and discovery continues. However, I testified to him that I don't read it solely for the knowledge, even though it is there. I read it because of what it does for me in my heart and the spiritual strength it provides. Every time I read those sacred pages it does something inside my soul. It makes it easier to resist temptation, subdue anger, calms my heart and puts my mind and heart more where they should be. It helps to mitigate the daily erosive effects of the spiritual forgetting that seems to accelerate in the world around me. It is a very personal thing. I am a Mormon because I pray as I read and I receive constant confirmations concerning the truth and sacredness of that Book. It is a gift from Christ. if it is true, then all that Joseph Smith restored including our current structure, doctrine and leaders are all true. This isn't a knowledge that my mother could give me. I had to search and obtain this knowledge myself. This is Christ's church. He is no longer in the tomb. He rose from the dead and He lives today! He actively guides and directs His church and people, inviting ALL to come unto Him. I echo His invitation. Don't take my word for it. You can discover this for yourself. You need only read the Book of Mormon privately and sincerely pray to God to know if it is true or not. This is my testimony.

How I live my faith

I strive each day to do what is right. However, I do fall short. This is why our Savior died for us. He knew we would stumble. The important thing for me is to never give up. I try each day to treat others as I would want to be treated. I start my day with personal prayer and scripture study. This really sets a better tone for my day. I yearn to put my wife's and family's needs before my own. I try to be honest in my daily dealings. As a family we share prayer each morning and evening. Usually a day doesn't go by without us expressing sincere love in word and deed as well. I work to love all mankind regardless of diverse differences. I believe it is easier for me to be less judgmental of others, because I have- at times been judged unkindly myself, because of my rugged exterior and less believing family members. The thing that has helped me most in my life to live my faith is daily sincere, heartfelt prayer combined with scripture study. I love the church's new applications written for the iPad. It is so helpful in following cross references and taking my study and understanding much deeper. The references come up instantly and then take you right back to where you were reading in the first place. I suppose if I'm honest with myself the other great help to me in living my faith is in listening to my dear sweet wife and her righteous prodding's. My life is so much better because she is in it. She is an exacting person, while I tend to be very easy going. We compliment each other in this way, striking a more righteous balance. Amongst all my efforts to live my faith, my hope always resides in my Savior and the knowledge that as I fall short, He will make up the difference as long as I keep trying and never give up.