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Hi I'm Daniel

I'm grew in Mexico i Love listen music and my family , The Video games And Movies I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm grew up in Mexico i Love listen music and my family , The Video games And Movies I'm Love The Technology and The Sports ,i love Read all Kind of books every year ,1 of them need to be Book of Mormon Another testament of jesus Christ, i Love the Movies, The music , the books, the sports. like Soccer, basketball, tennis,football , i enjoy playing video games they are a challenge to me with puzzles and make me think. no only the ones you are going destroying everything i like game with challenge and use my intelect. I love Be with my brothers and Sisters spend time with them go to the movie theather shopping the beach spend time with them is the best . other things i like to do is Medieval combat, nop i dont use real swords we create fake swords and weapons with foam and pvc pipes and other materials and its challenging and need and a good exercise i don't disguise myself. we only do the combats and have fun , i like hang out with my friends , Go to the mall and the the movie theater with my brothers or family, we enjoy spend time with the family. i love the beach and swimming , i love a really good conversation and the chocolate, see TV, series. and hear all kind of music. but my favorite is the classical music. , and Dance., i love dancing, bachata, hip hop , cumbiadiferent kind of styles., every kind of music. and i love be funny, and laugh a lot, and the gospel.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents are convert and,i Born in the church , I'm Mormon because, througt personal experiences and the holy ghost guide me to take the choices but something its very special , I Read and Did the promise from the Book of Mormon , to ask if all this true , i think my aswer don't came complete or all at once throught the years i have a witness of the boom mormon but never recognize it until i serve a mission make me thing all the blessing my heavenly father , througt all the trials I have and my family have and we have together see the hand of the lord reaching and testifiying about the true of all the things and like my parents did beforei pray and fats and pray even i think never receive asnwer in specific verse untill i serve my mission . i knew before was true , speacially when i felt the peace and the love my heavenly father. i can no say im perfect i make mistakes . but learning more abput the savior when i was reading the book of mormon, and every time i read i felt that peace. when i was young i dont understand a lot. i was holding from the testimonies of my parents but when i grow and i need to take important decisions and get to know if the things are true . i need to step on and pray and know by miself. that lead meto receive answer, and decided to serve full time mission and help other feel the saviors love and they can know familys can be together forever, i love the teachings from the prophets and the way really the gospel blessed my family, i love to know how the gospel can help other and have no a good but a better life , i love my savior. , I'm believe its no better way to live , the peace and comfort is something tou can no described , and same time you always can take the best and righteous decisions,. because i want to be my heavenly father and jesus christ and my family together forever , i Know everyone can be happy i want to share that with others. Thats why i am member or the church jesus christ of latter day saints.

How I live my faith

know im serving as full time missionary and teach the gospel to other person .how trough faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement,everyone can change gis life an return with our heavenly father , how the gospel bless the families and and help others. to have more happinnes in their lives and better and strong familys how include the teachings of jesus christ in our live can help us to be better persons and fathers and mothers and sons and daughters.  i served before in other callings in the church and each one of them its become a marvelous experience througth my life and have the oportunitty to serve others.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

because , that its the base. our heavenly father send us to liv in familys for be streghten and safe , and we can be know more about his gospel and apply this principles Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

nop ,we help all the people. because all are our neighbors , we follow Jesus Christ that mean , we are disciples we help to everybody like jesus christ did. Show more Show less

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

its the way we can now for ourselves all this things are true . its you own way to know something. when you know thats its true it your testinomy. basically its the aswer to question we resolve for ourselves. make us a testimony about something and by the power the holy ghost we may know now the truth all the things and have that witness. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

All surroud me tells me its a good. until human body , its a testimony its so complex, only god can create and have the intelligence for made our bodys and all the beauty of the earth.but more specific when i prayed i felt somebody hears me and comfort me i see the answers , and the blessing in my family. Show more Show less