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Hi I'm Ryan

I'm just a man, a Mormon man.

About Me

Whats up!? Well, a little bit about me… I grew up in Michigan but I’ve left the nest and gone off to school and off to be a missionary. I’m 20 years old and the third of four kids in my family. We are all mostly grown up and out of the home now though. Anyways, things I like to do I used to swim all the time! I swam on a team for 11 years and even taught swim lessons and was a lifeguard. Also, in high school I used to play tennis so I like to do that in my spare time too. I started taking up the guitar and love playing it all the time! I wanna be good enough to play some Hendrix songs or Led Zeppelin songs someday so I have a lot of work to do. Anyways, life is pretty awesome right now. Down the road, I’m thinking about going into either business or psychology, but I haven’t decided yet.

Why I am a Mormon

So, a lot of people might think I am a Mormon because the rest of my family is. Well, I could see how you’d get that impression. But actually, I’m proud to say that I definitely have made this decision on my own. While I was taught all about Christ and his gospel as a kid by my parents and at church, that didn’t mean I had to do as I was taught or even believe it. The only way we can come to know that it is true is by talking to the Man Upstairs. I read the Bible and the Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ and I definitely felt the Holy Ghost as it witnessed to me the truthfulness of this Gospel. I only was able to really feel that after I prayed and asked God. I know some people might think asking God a specific question is not going to amount to much but if we have faith, I know that he cares and will answer. That is how I know! I mean, one can not be converted until they really know for themselves. I still read and pray every single day and go to church every Sunday. I do it because I know God wants me to and I know it will bless me. Whenever I do what I know I should I feel peace and happiness. Now, obviously I’ve screwed up a lot in life too. We all do. But as this church and its teachings have taught me how to avoid more screw-up’s and be forgiven by Jesus Christ I have felt that harsh emptiness get filled by the love of God. I know if you have ever or do now feel empty or worthless, there is a way to fix that. I did and continue to fix it every day because this true church has helped me and will always as Jesus Christ is at the helm. He is the reason I am Mormon.

How I live my faith

Actually right now I am a missionary! That means that every day for two years I go out and try to serve God and all his children by teaching people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I guess you could say that I have felt very blessed in my life as I’ve seen the gospel change me and my family so I decided to share everything I know with everyone else because I want to help them too. I also serve people in any way possible that I can. So since I live in Michigan you might think that I might teach the gospel there, but actually I am serving in San Bernardino County in California. We believe that we are called by inspiration through the spirit and through that inspiration I was called here to California where God says I can best help his children come closer to him. Someday when my two years of service are up, I will go back home and finish up school. Until then, I’m loving every minute as I show people how they can be happy and follow Christ and watch them change for the better.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Well, seeing as I am a missionary I feel like I can quite confidently say no, we are not required to serve missions. Think about it, who in the world is going to force a bunch of 19-26 year olds to go share the gospel every single day for two years!? Nope, it can’t be done. God would never force his children to obey him. We do believe he has told us we should go and teach the gospel just like he talks about in the scriptures, but once again, it is left up to us to decide whether or not we will obey. But hey, when you’ve seen so much happiness in your life as a result of your faith, why would you not want to give back? All us missionaries are out on our own free will and time to try to help everyone else be happy. Is that cool or what!? And no, it doesn’t pay well. In fact, we do it all for free! Why, because we love you all. Show more Show less