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Hi I'm Jonathan

I'm a convert and i love to play soccer and i am always happy and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a convert to this church and i have know been a member for ten years. I have half my family our members and the other half our non LDS. I have many attributes thanks to the church and have really enjoyed being a member. I play many sports and love them all. My favorite is soccer and i have coached high school soccer and have played it. My family might be divided but they always want what is best for me and they allowed me to make my own decisions since i was a kid. I have 2 sisters and one is a member and the other is not. One of the greatest things the church did for me was introducing me to scouting and i never was an eagle scout but i was in it to learn skills that i can use in my life. I finished scouting with 32 Marietta badges and look back and really thankful for all the skills i learned. I know that i will be a member for the rest of my life and i will continue helping people as we all should.

Why I am a Mormon

I have not always been a member but am now and love this church. My conversion spans over about 8 months and really has set the tole for my life. Well it starts when i was 9 years old about to turn 10 and that is when i picked up a Book of Mormon for the first time and felt inspired to look inside and so i opened it and look. When i opened the book it was Helamen chapter 5 verse 12 and that scripture told me that this book was true and told me something that i need at that time. I have since read the book many times and have found something that can help me at this time of my life as that did then. About 5 months later my uncle came home from an LDS mission and brought over 2 guys wearing white shirts and ties and i had never seen them before. Well it was the Mormon missionaries and they taught me the gospel and i learned a lot from them and will thank them for the rest of my life for what they did. After they taught me the lessons, they always asked me to pray and i never prayed for about 3 months and i know now that if i prayed i would have received and answer a lot quicker then. Well once i got that answer i was baptized by my uncle and later that year my sister was baptized by him too. I had been prepared to receive the gospel at that time of my life for a reason and i have grown up for half my life know in the church and have seen the influence it has in my life. I have come to learn that Jesus Christ leads this church and that he cares for all of us here at this time on the earth and that we can all pray to know the true way to happiness. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

How I live my faith

Well i have helped my community by helping the boy scouts of America with eagle scout projects and giving wood to the community for those people that cant afford wood. I have also helped soccer coaches with a few soccer camps and i enjoy teaching little ones about soccer and helping them understand that having fun is the whole goal of soccer. As a member i was put in to teaching Sunday school to kids ages 12-14 years old and i really found out that as a teacher you learn a lot from the kids you teach. You teach the kids but they really teach you. I am on a mission teaching people how Christ loves them and that the gospel can be for everyone. I know that my heavenly father loves me and that is what my goal in life is to teach people how our heavenly father loves them. I know with out a doubt that he it there for us and that he wants the best for us always. I will continue to do my best and to follow what his plan for me is and continue to teach people what i believe. I am a convert and truly love this gospel and will teach it for the rest of my life no matter where i am at.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

 Mormons dont only help members of the church but we our encoraged to help our community and help people in need. I have helped people that i have never meet before and will never see again but i know that if someone calls for help i will be there and i know that every member fills the way i do about this question.  Show more Show less