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Hi I'm Andrew Wilkinson

Hi there, welcome to my profile. I have been in the rightful church now for over 23 years and I feel so blessed.

About Me

Mmm, where do I start? My name is Andrew and I am from the UK. The things or hobbies I like are Soccer, American Football, Athletics, Swimming, Traveling, Outdoors, Rugby Union, Rugby League and Gadgets Laptop, Desktop, Playstation, Nintendo Wii, IPhone, IPad and various other electronics. I love playing games with family and friends and yes winning is nice, however the fun is in the taking part. Anyone who knows me say that I am one of the happiest persons they know. I am always smiling and encourage others to do the same. Some would say I am a happy-go-lucky person. I am loving, caring and kind, well again that is what I've been told. I do know that I am very much an extroverted person who seems blessed as I have the ability to get on with everyone I meet.

Why I am a Mormon

As many others in the church I was converted. I was baptised over 23 years ago now. When I was learning about the Mormon church through missionaries who came to my home, everything they where explaining to me just seemed to slot in to place. The talked about why we are here, what going to happen and as long as I kept the Commandments and also the Word of Wisdom where I could end up after my earthly life had finished. They called it the Plan of Salvation. This gave me answers to Why am I here and What is life all about? They introduced me to The Book of Mormon, this is another testament of Jesus Christ. It seemed to simplify things which are in the King James Bible and also it makes the Bible complete. I believe in everything that I was taught then and I am still believing it now. I have a very strong testimony about the church I am in. I know that I am in the true fully restored church, I know that the church as a living prophet in President Monson, I know that Joseph Smith was also a prophet, I fully believe in the Book Of Mormon. I believe in the structure of the church and I do know that as long as I live the righteous way, the way that God, Our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to live, then I will be joining them in the Heavenly Kingdoms. What more can be said, other than I feel so blessed to be part of this special church.

How I live my faith

I am sure that I am like other members of the church. I am very active, I go every week and always go to Sacrament, Sunday School and Priesthood. If you have never been to a sacrament meeting, it's like when Jesus passed bread and wine to his Apostles. So what we are doing is partaking of the bread and in modern times water, with this we are renewing our vows to our great redeemer and our lord Jesus Christ. This in it's self is showing your faith and beliefs. I hold the position and title of priesthood. Now with that I can bless the sacrament, I can baptise people in to the church, I can by the laying on of hands, give the gift of the Holy Ghost, I can bless the sick and infirm. with living the correct and righteous way I can do all this. You may ask what is the correct and righteous way? This means following the gospel, keeping commandments, living life as the Word of Wisdom states. As long as you are living with faith and with the commandments from God and Our Lord Jesus Christ then we are to be truly blessed. Doing the sacrament or blessing, without living your life within this, then everything you do can not be done in God's or Jesus Christ's name and thus they are just empty words! We need to live our life with faith and live as gospels tell us, only then can we truly be welcomed into Heavens Kingdoms. We have Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers, others in the church come into your home and you can state what is going on in our lives and how living with the faith and gospel can help you overcome problems you may have, remembering that you also do this. So through my living faith, I get all the help, security and love from others in the church, in addition I get love from God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. What a feeling this gives! Please note that the Priesthood do not get paid, nor do they ask for anything in return. It is simply done as the Gospels instruct and for the love of the Church, God and Our Lord Jesus Christ. (Unconditional Love)

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

Andrew Wilkinson
President T. Monson is the present President or Prophet of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints here on earth. The church is also known as The Mormon Church or simply LDS. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Andrew Wilkinson
The simple answer to this is no! I remember listening to The Mormon Channel, this is an online media centre in which you can listen to live radio. On this you can here of stories of when someone has done something not to get any award or recognition. Anyway I was listening when I heard the story of when Hurricane Katrina hit the south east of the USA. People needed help straightaway! When the people needed something or someone to help, members of The Mormon church went out of their way to help people in need. I don't just mean helping other members of the church, they were helping out everybody. The best thing was when the members from the church started to help people out, others started to come along and work side by side and help those in need. So if people think that Mormons only help other Mormons, just remember this story. Show more Show less