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Hi I'm Scott

I love computers. I'm a dancer. I love reading fiction novels and hope to be an author someday. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've always had a deep interest in the way things works. I would constantly ask my parents how things were made. This desire led me to want to understand computers and the enormous power behind them. I enjoy computer programming, because it feels as though I am making a difficult concept actually work. I have also loved stories. They have helped me to continue thinking. I would say that I'm very creative, constantly thinking of new ways to accomplish a task, or thinking of stories and characters that could interact with one another in an interesting and profound way. I hope to one day be an author of several novels. Perhaps a couple trilogies. In high school I played football. I loved every moment of it. It was really fun, but I never was amazing and therefore I didn't play much. Nonetheless I can proudly say that I have grown a lot because of my football experience. I enjoy all other sports as well, especially soccer and volleyball. One thing I never thought I would get into was dance. My roommate introduced me to a form of dance called "Folk Dance." I tried out for a BYU folk dance team and loved it ever since. Folk Dance is a cultural style of dance from all over the world. I mean we learn dances from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and of course North America. The dances are super fun.

Why I am a Mormon

I always envied the members of the Church who are converts from other faiths. They usually always have an amazing story as to why they chose to get baptized into the Church. I knew that I would never have a cool story about my conversion because of my whole family was Mormon. I knew I would never get visited by an angel, or have a visionary dream explaining to me that the Book of Mormon is true. My parents taught my siblings and I while we were young. They taught us the basics of the gospel. They taught us the stories in the Book of Mormon They taught us to keep the commandments. With this strong religious base, I never truly experienced anything different than this. So I grew up off of borrowed light from my parents' faith. I trusted them, because I knew that they would never lie to me about something as important as the existence of God and His church. My older brothers blazed a bright trail for me to follow. I looked up to them, hoping to one day be like them. They had testimonies, just like my parents. They went on missions and I too wanted to go on a mission of my own. I did not want to let my family down. I just wanted to follow these amazing examples. It wasn't long until I noticed that I needed to have read the Book of Mormon. I needed to have my own testimony or assurance that the Book of Mormon is true. I needed to have a testimony that the Church was true and that Joseph Smith was the prophet who restored the fullness of the gospel on the Earth in this dispensation. So I began to study for myself. I prayed with more intensity, hoping that by some miracle I would receive a vision. It never came. But I did feel better. I felt more at peace. I felt more knowledge and wisdom flow through me. I realized that I did believe. All that time following my parents' counsel had actually helped me plant my own seed of faith and it grew without me knowing. It was a gradual process. I began to notice small miracles all around me. Each one helping me grow stronger.

How I live my faith

I make an effort to go to the temple twice a month. In the temple I feel so peaceful and calm. I walk out of the temple full of love and joy. In the temple I provide service to those who have passed away. I served a mission for the church in Madrid Spain for two years. I spread the gospel of hundreds of people by teaching them in their homes and by serving them in community service projects. I was a part of the BYU Folk Dance Team where we shared our testimonies of God as we performed our dances in performances such as Christmas Around the World, Spring Festival of Nations, and the Traditionz spring tour. All in all I try to be who God would have me be. I try to do what He would have me do. I hope that I might help others come to know Christ better through my example.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

Three of my best friends have told me that they are homosexual. Honestly, this was difficult for me. I was still their friend, I still loved them as I do all my other friends. They are great people and I wish the best for them. The Church teaches that we all should love the sinner and hate the sin. Jesus Christ was a perfect example of this when he didn't condemn the woman who was taken in adultery. He loved her and pleaded with her to not sin again. The fact of the matter is that Homosexual behavior in any form is against the Plan of God, and against nature. God ordained marriage for us. We believe that marriage performed with the proper priesthood authority can last forever, even after death. "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder" (Matt. 19:6). He therefore gave us marriage and sanctified it for our eternal benefit, progression, and happiness. A family is the greatest responsibility the Lord has given us, and at the same time it is the source of our greatest joy. "THE FAMILY is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan" (The Family: A Proclamation to the World). To endorse or even allow individuals to be in a same-sex marriage is a mockery to the family and to the sacred ordinance of marriage given to us by God. The everlasting covenant of Marriage is the highest ordinance a anyone can partake of in this life. Therefore to think of marriage lightly, is making light of God's greatest gift to us. Show more Show less