Eric K. Johnson: divorce, lawyer, knowledge, faith, cult, prophet, Mormon.

Hi I'm Eric K. Johnson

About Me

My grandpa was a renaissance man. As a child I was amazed and impressed that he could answer any question on any subject. I wanted to know all the answers too, so I don't know if I am curious because I want knowledge or whether I soak up information because I am curious. Regardless, this life is fascinating, warts and all. My main interests are reading and looking at beautiful cars. I became a divorce lawyer because I want to ensure people are treated fairly in divorce. Fairness and the Golden Rule drive me. Wanting what's right is easier said than done. I struggle with getting along with others who disagree with me.

Why I am a Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) knows who Our Father and Jesus Christ are because they have revealed that knowledge to a living prophet. So it knows and teaches the purpose of life and how to live a life that is truly worthwhile and happy. Once I understood and believed that, I knew the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and His church to be true. I have to work at being a committed and humble disciple to remember this, but that is its own reward. I read recently, "Christians are supposed to live by a list of rules. Few are willing to yield that much control over their lives to anyone. Most do not like many of the rules. In fact, honest Christians will admit that they do not like some of them either."  That's true, but that's the test of faith defined. I am a Mormon because I choose to surrender my will to God's, and I know this is what He wants all of his children to do so that they can be like him and his Son. I do not have all the answers, and I don't expect I ever will, but the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ leads me to truth and right, even when that truth isn't what I expected or necessarily wanted. It's liberating.

Personal Stories

How has attending Church services helped you?

We have bodies, we have souls. Each needs special care. We need to eat good food, get sufficient sleep, bathe, exercise, and stay warm to keep our bodies healthy and well. My spirit needs nourishment and care too. My spirit needs to be with other spirits who lift each other. Our spirits need a time for rest and meditation. Everyone needs spiritual care, but few know that, and many who know that don't know where to get spiritual care. Going to church, along with personal prayer, learning the scriptures, and serving those in need, helps feed and care for my soul. A healthy body and healthy spirit makes my life far more bearable and more peaceful in bad times and happier in good times.

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

It appears to me that you cannot have faith in that which you don't believe or in which you are unwilling to believe. This insight has been an answer to a question I had made (and continue to make) in my prayers for years.

How I live my faith

Do what is right and let the consequence follow. Although I am a divorce lawyer, divorce breaks my heart. Families are precious, precious things. So if there's a silver lining to what I do, it's that it reminds me to value my family and obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My mother said and lived by "family first," and she's right. Having a family can sometimes be a financial and emotional struggle, but so is anything of real worth. If parents don't teach their children what they need to know and be, someone else will be happy to fill that void. So my wife and I try to be a good example and teach our children to live the gospel because we love them and want them to be good and to be happy people.