Angela: Mormon.

Hi I'm Angela

About Me

I was born twins in the visayan Island of the Philippines a mother of four I worked with the developemental disable for many years and retierd in 2010 I love fishing'dancing.I also love to see other many countries and learn about their cultures.

Why I am a Mormon

Adversary in this life was the reason that I seeked God. To know what is the purpose of my life. I know He created me. But, why do we suffer so much aflections? I searched many churches to find out who is God Then one day, a young girl told me about her church I . I said okay I want to know about your church theres nothing I can lose. The next day, she brought two Mormon missionaries. And the missionaries taught me the first day about the PLAN OF SALVATION. Which, tells me everything about the purpose of my life here and answers all my questions even in that first discusion. And I know it's all true. Then, they asked me to read the Book Of Mormon. Immediently I was baptised because I knew the Book Of Mormon is true.  

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

When I was investigating the Mormon Church, listening to the teachings of the misssionaries in my home, I felt very warm feeling in my heart, but I did not know what it was, then the missionary told me that it was the manistation of the Holy Ghost of the truthfulness of the teachings of the missionaries. Which helped me to join the church. When I was visiting the Church building construction in the Philippines, I recieved an understanding that this is the titing was being used. The Holy Ghost helped me to understand that titing is really a commandment of God, that titing use to build churches and temples and to send missionaries all over the world for THE SALVATION OF MEN.

Which of the Savior’s teachings have influenced you in your life?

THE PLAN OF SALVATION---- because it tells me who I am and where I come from and what is my purpose in this life and who is God and what is my relation to him and what is his purpose of his creation of man? and who is the God the Father the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost? who are the Angels and the prophets? Its tells me also if there is life after this life I learnd that the plan of Savation was God's plan for man's salvation which decreed before the creation of the earth and man.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

when I was investigating the church the missionaries asked me to read the book of mormon at that time I am suffering a depression and had no desire to read any book,then one day I was alone in the house, I saw the book of mormon on the table I said to myself what is in this book? let me just glance it, for curiosity I read the first page, as I am reading it, I felt a very powerful manifestaton of the truth of this book, that I kneeled down and cry to my Heavenly Father for the truthfulness of the book of mormon. I remember what the missionaries told me THAT THE BOOK OF MORMON HAS A PROMISE THAT IF YOU PRAY AND ASK GOD IF THE bOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE, IN FAITH WITHOUT WAVERING, GOD WILL LET YOU KNOW IF BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE..because I knew that the book of mormon is true and its teachings had brought me closer to God.

How I live my faith

 I always wanted to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ and study the Scripitures.because I know its true and lead me to a happier life want to be an example to my family and other people, helping them for their temporaly needs unconditionaly. I also want to serve the Lord with all my heart. I love to do missionary work because I want others to know the happiness that I have in the teaching of Jesus christ. And to help them know the purpose of this life. And to let them know they are the children of God and that God loves them unconditionaly.