What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Katie

I love to think. I sometimes sing. I'm a spoonie. And I love stories. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I graduated in English and Theater after exploring most of the humanities and social sciences (history, political science, anthropology, geography, with even psychology and sociology intros in high school). I was always a good student, even in math and science, but I find people of greater interest than the dryness of numbers. I love stories for they teach about how others see the world and why they respond as they do as well as giving understanding to things like interpersonal, intercultural, and political workings. They also have the ability to reach the heart and spirit of the person partaking and the visual and audio elements of film can make the impact deeper. I've never been a passive media consumer and because I recognize the depth available and its impact on me, I want to be part of that in reaching out to others. I think my love of stories has helped me survive the isolation that comes with chronic illness. (For those who wonder, a 'spoonie' is someone with such an illness and is so termed because of a blog by Christine Miserandino entitled "Spoon Theory". It's a quick Google search; I recommend it!) I'm still in the diagnosis process, but dysautonomia (dysfunction of the Autonomic Nervous System) is the general conclusion. It means that anything the ANS regulates can glitch at random. It seriously complicates normal living. But it is the next adventure that my Father in Heaven has lined up for me so I'm working on adjusting my concept of how my life will play out.

Why I am a Mormon

Sometimes life's a beast and there aren't others there to help you through, but I have always found God to be there when no one else has had time or even realized something was wrong. He has loved me and directed me and cared for one who had little experience with such things and He offers and gives that love to EVERYONE. No one is left out, not those who sin, not those who never know the truth, not even those who think He's a horrible being for what happens in the world. He doesn't give up, He doesn't walk away, He doesn't think we're not worth the effort, and neither does His Son who gave His all for us in Gethsemane and on the cross. I'm a Mormon because this is where I can begin to understand that I'm actually worth it. Because He says so. I have known many hard things in my life and freely confess to a strong streak of stubbornness as it has helped me overcome much. But the Gospel and the Church have provided the support and stability to continue and the truth to cling to throughout all of the storms. It is truly inspired of God. Sometimes I marvel at simple things like how it teaches us to be confident participants and leaders in our communities. I love the structure and organization of it all and how it is formatted to reach out and help any and all. And the fact that it is led by a living prophet means that it is a living church able to adjust itself and grow from a humble beginning with only 6 members in a little farmhouse to over 15 million all around the world and still be fully functional. Truly amazing.

How I live my faith

Previously, my role in my last Young Single Adult ward was as the Family History representative. Family History is vital in many ways, but it's such an overwhelming and daunting project that I spent much time trying to consider ways to introduce it in a hands-on way that would make it actually seem doable to the most of us on the novice level. Which would explain why I used a friend's expertise as I have little to none of my own. I have also taught Sunday School. I love teaching and exploring the scriptures and have served in multiple different positions with ward music, be it as chorister, choir director, or music chair coming up with the programs and scheduling and planning and such... Currently, my calling has returned me to music as I am the women's music conductor. It has been a special treat returning to the hymns. It has also shown me that even a responsibility that seems little and 'no big deal' can actually have great impact if you give it your best. I do that by studying the lessons ahead of time so I can find the music that best supports the message. Then, even if I'm having a difficult day with my health, I've still done the important part even though I'm too dizzy/light-headed to stand and lead. Outside of church, I'm gearing up to tackle the overwhelming family history void on my mother's side. I try to share my faith through my blog and twitter accounts and have found great strength from many of the random Christian anon accounts. While others may not have every important piece, they love Christ and have taught me to love Him more as well. Finally, the above-mentioned frustrating health problems which limit my social sphere have been teaching me to have greater faith in God and His Son and their timing. I'm still learning, but I'm coming to see that they truly love me and will take care of me.

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is an account of the Lord's dealings with the people on the American continent. They are at least some of the 'other sheep' He referred to in the Bible. Just as Abraham and Lot and others were warned to flee a wicked place for the survival of some of the righteous, the Book of Mormon records another family, a few actually, also escaping for survival. It records the miracles and efforts of prophets to guide this people, just as the Old Testament does, and also the wars and wickedness and sadness of those left to see a people fall into apostasy and darkness. And it shows the Lord's hand all throughout, even giving an account of His visit after His death and resurrection where He shared teachings given in Israel and scriptures given after the separation. It was written by a number of prophets and finally hidden up to protect it from time and those who would destroy it until the boy, Joseph Smith, was directed to find and later translate it: for the convincing of those descended from these people and also for the convincing of the Jew and the Gentile that Jesus is the Christ and that He takes an active care in the well-being of His people. Show more Show less

Why is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints called Mormons or Mormonism?

"Mormons" is the easy term used to refer to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It comes from our believing that Christ came not only to the Jews of the Old and New Testaments, but also to other peoples around the world after his ascension as recorded in the NT. One of these groups of people left behind a record, like did the Jews and early Christians, which was ultimately compiled by an ancient prophet named Mormon. Hence, this further witness of Christ is called the Book of Mormon. Many people who don't realize it is about Christ and his dealings with people in the Americas are confused and think this further source of scripture and its title indicate that we don't actually worship Christ, but that is not true. Jesus Christ is central to our existence and worship and it is in understanding his atonement for us that allows us to become the best that we can, even in the midst of a crazy, mixed-up, often scary world. Show more Show less

What is the Relief Society?

The Relief Society is the adult women's portion of the church, like the nursery and primary are for children, young women's and young men's respectively, and the adult men have the Elder's quorum meetings. Church is divided into three sections - the combined sacrament meeting focusing on the Savior, his atonement and the ordinance of the sacrament (something like communion as I understand it), and talks from congregation members on various gospel topics as assigned by the Bishopric. There is also Sunday school, divided into the general age groupings, focusing each year on a different section of the scriptures. Then there are the specific classes as delineated at the beginning. It was originally created as an organization to provide relief and support for those in need and has also as its focus the building and strengthening of families and womanhood/motherhood values. We have the same lesson material as the men, but as our roles are different (provider and protector verses nurturer and teacher, generally speaking) the classes are more focused to our specific intentions and needs. As Relief Society covers all women age 18 and up, it brings together women from all walks of life - young single adult, newly wed, new mother, single mother, grown single adult, older mother, grandmother, widows, etc... This allows for an expanded spectrum of wisdom and insight and provides for a sisterhood which helps fill whatever voids may exist in the individual's life. Show more Show less