Jessica : Mormon.

Hi I'm Jessica

About Me

 I am a first time MOM! I graduated from college with my master's degree in Environmental Science and with a teaching license in Biology. I got married a year before I graduated, and then had my baby the summer after I graduated. Right now, I am not working and am enjoying my little baby! It's so fun! It's definitely different than going to school, but I'm really enjoying it. I love to learn, read, oil paint, spend time with my daughter and husband, be outside and also bake.

Why I am a Mormon

 My parents are Mormon, and so I was raised with this faith. But, I think everyone hits a point in their lives when they want to decide for themselves what they believe. I prayed a lot to know if I believed what my parents had taught me, and I read a lot in the Book of Mormon to find out if it was true. I received a personal answer from God that it is true. I really can say that everything good in my life and everything that makes me happy can be traced back to the decision I made years ago to follow this faith and keep God's commandments. I love having a personal relationship with Heavenly Father. I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he made it possible for all of us to become better and change.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

 I think more than anything else, I feel the Holy Ghost by small thoughts that come into my mind that give me warnings or tell me to do small things. For example, sometimes I just get random thoughts that I should call someone, or visit someone, or go somewhere or NOT go somewhere. More often than not, I have been able to look back and see that there were reasons why those thoughts came to my mind. I feel like because I have the Holy Ghost, I have been able to be there for people when they needed me and I have also been able to avoid situations that wouldn't have been good. This all happens because of the simple thoughts I have that I know come from the Holy Ghost and guide me everyday.

How I live my faith

 I have the greatest ward ever! We have wonderful people in our church and I have developed some of my greatest friendships with them. My husband and I teach a Marriage and Family class on Sundays at church. We lead discussions on how to be better spouses for each other, how to better live Christ-like lives and keep our homes centered on that, and how to teach and love our children and do what God would want us to do for them. I love teaching this class and have learned so much from the great couples that come to our class. I also visit three other women in our ward each month. Everyone in our ward is given a few women to go visit and share a gospel message with each month. It is such a great way to make friends and help each other out!