Kathy: Mormon.

Hi I'm Kathy

About Me

I am a Mom. I have four kids. Soon my youngest will be leaving home to go to college. With no kids at home, my husband and I are planning on getting back into camping. We camped a lot when the kids were little, we thought it would be fun to do it again, this time without kids. Luckily Colorado has a lot of beautiful sunny days to enjoy the mountains. I work as a RN, teaching at CNA nursing schools. My job is challenging and rewarding. My big project this last year was writing and illustrating a children's book for a special friend called, "Max the Happy Caterpillar." It is written to help children understand disabilities and to explain death.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because I believe in Christ. I believe that this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ as was taught by Jesus Christ when He lived on the earth.

Personal Stories

How has the Holy Ghost helped you?

The Holy Ghost is the third member of the Godhood. After baptism a member is confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. If you live trying to do what is right, you can have the influence of the Holy Ghost with you. For me I feel the Holy Ghost most of the time. I feel very happy and I feel gut impressions of how I should live my life. It is a very sweet blessing.

How has the Book of Mormon brought you closer to God?

I know the Book of Mormon is scripture. I feel the spirit while I read it. Sometimes I'll be reading and a thought will come into my head that will be the answer that I was seeking to a personal problem. It is a very powerful book. After 9/11/2001 my husband was unemployed. The job market did not look good and I was frightened about the future. I read the Book of Mormon and fervently prayed. I felt a comfort and peace. Through that experience I came to realize that I had relied too much on things of this world. Now again we face economic troubles in the world and United States. I feel more prepared for what may happen because of the spiritual strength I received while reading the Book of Mormon. I have read the book several times and each time I feel the Savior's love strongly for me and for all of mankind. My favorite story in the Book of Mormon is about a group of people who had done some bad things, they loved to murder. They changed, repented and buried their weapons deep in the earth. They never wanted to be like the way they were in the past. When an army attacks them they go out to meet the army. They kneel and praise God while being killed. They willingly die rather than take up arms. Many of the soldiers from the attacking army are so stunned that they throw down their weapons. They repent and join the people who had buried their weapons.

How I live my faith

I teach a Sunday School class for adults every other Sunday. Right now we are studying the New Testament. I love to study the New Testament. When I teach, I learn a lot from studying and the from class members. We usually have very interesting discussions. I also live my faith by trying to be more like Christ as I work with people in the community and with my family. I like to help others.