Bracken : Mormon.

Hi I'm Bracken

About Me

 well i grew up in northern utah on a farm. i love to be out doors i love anything to get my heart racing. i love to ride dirt bikes and snow mobils. my favorite thing in the summer is to go wakeboarding! one of my biggest hobbies is Homing Pigeons. i have raced them from 600 miles away from my house and they came home in 25 hours. i love to work hard, i love to have blisters on my hands it lets me know im workin hard. i love to hunt! i love guns thats another hobbie of mine reloadin the ammo and shootin my guns. i love to shoot long distance targets. my favorit gun is my ar-15. or my .243 those are great guns. i love magic tricks rope tricks all shorts of magic. its fun to performe for people. im on the volenteer fire/first responders, i love to help people out and play on the fire trucks. ive lived in northern new engalnd for awhile that was a great pleace. i really wanna be a electrical lineman for my career. im only 20 right now and will go to collage in either idaho or colorado for lineman school. my favorit color is teal or turqoize. i love to snowboard, any type of out door stuff. i played lacrosse in hight school its by far my favorit sport and then baseball. i would love to be a professional magician at some point in my life. that would be really fun and cool. well thats a bit about me.. im always down to meet new people, i cant wait to be a dad someday, scared but cant wait! i wanna travel the world. i love the military anything with guns or explostions is wicked sweet! i love to drive my bro in law is a truck driver and i love to travel the usa with him. i love being outside.

Why I am a Mormon

 well i grew up with my parents mormon so its just shorta in the family. but i did stray from the church in my teen years and i thought i didnt need the church in my life. well i soon found out the hard way that i did need this church and the support that comes from it. the blessings from bein in this church are amazin there is no other place to get them. ive lived life without the church and gospel but it was hard and not worth it. life is alot better with the help of the savior. i am a mormon because i know what im doin is what God wants me to be doin. this church is Gods church. i love it. im also a mormon because i know it will bless my futer family. im proud to be a mormon

Personal Stories

How has your knowledge of the Plan of Happiness changed/benefited your life?

well i have just recently lost a really good friend. i love him to death and i will forever miss him untill im with him again. but becase of the plan of happiness i know that i will see him again its not just a good thought or idea but i really know that i wil see those who i love and have passed away. ive lost close friends and family to death but i know that its just temporal. its so great knowin that ill see them again.

Can you think of a specific challenge in your family that Gospel Principles helped overcome?

 the gosple has helped me over come addictions and it has also givin me the knowladge that i will be able to see the ones i love again. ive lost some close friends and family but i know that i will be with them when i go on. that gives me great strenth i think thats the biggest thing that keeps me goin is knowin that those i love who have passed are just simply waitin they aint really gone forever i will be with them again.

How I live my faith

 well i served a mission in the norther new england states for 2 years. i have participated in alot of church activitys and meetings. i guess i live my faith by just tryin to always do what is right. always tryin to be a better man and help people out. doin good to others is the best way i think i can describe of how i live my faith. im not no perfact person im far from it but i do my best to try and fix my mistakes and do what is right