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Hi I'm Aaron Green

I'm a hungry patriot, politician, martial artist, astronomer, full-time worker, husband, a humorous father and a I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love the martial arts. Next to my Father in Heaven I credit my study of Taekwondo to what level of confidence and physical skill I have. The arts were there at an early age to facilitate normalcy of a medical condition that could've cost me my life. Though I am unable to actively pursue the arts as I once did I do honor and sustain it's precepts in my life. I am a patriot. I am loyal to the flag of the United States of America and the Constitution upon which this nation is built. Though my service in the United States Army was brief it did help me maintain a humility and awe for what it takes to defend the interests of this nation. May the flag so wave to the satisfaction of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and all the great men and women who have served honorable capacities for this nation. Especially those whose names are lesser or not known. I am honest. I've learned hard that honesty is the truest and best policy which to base your life. Though difficult and may put you in a pickle honesty will set you free. With honesty you are worthy of the freedom and liberty afforded you by your nation and God. With honesty you qualify yourself of the love of your friends and family. I love astronomy and the study of celestial events. I love history and the volumes it teaches us about the future. I love computers, internet design and it's proof of the glory of God - intelligence. I guess to break it all down into a nutshell I am a child of God.

Why I am a Mormon

My wife and I suffered the loss of our first born child. I was not strong in the gospel at that point. Actually I was quite inactive and indifferent toward any faith. My wife was not a member of the Church at that time. It was a trying time filled with regret and sorrow. The child was stillborn. Turmoil ensued surrounding the salvation of that child. Some strongly encouraged speed to baptize the child lest it should be damned. Others advocated that the child had no spirit and therefore not a true child of ours. All the vices of the tongue were laced with the doctrine of no agency of personal choice and no accountability. I knew there was much more to the mercy of God - if there was a God at all. I searched various doctrines and all seemed dark and floundered on sandy foundations. I finally turned to the inspired words of the ancient prophets as well as the modern prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the subject of infant death. All doctrine was sound and had a glowing light about it. All was positive and uplifting. The dark experience of infant death now had reason and a glorious purpose. I know now that if my wife and I are worthy we shall have the opportunity to raise that child when he and all others are raised from that other world to inherit perfected bodies of their own. He shall grow, learn and develop with a clarity and brightness of knowledge uninhibited by the dark influences of the current worldly conditions. As we raise him he, in turn, will teach us and we shall honor and glorify our God for the eternal nature of man. That is why I am Mormon. It's all about personal agency to choose, learning to be teachable and tolerant and it's about the endless potential of the righteous son or daughter of our Father in Heaven.

How I live my faith

I live in an area with extremely sparse Latter-day Saint population. We learn to lean upon one another for support. We learn to live with the false propaganda and stereotypes of "Mormonism." I know the truths of eternity. I know my Father lives as well as Jesus the Christ. I know that they are two separate and distinct personages with bodies as tangible as yours and mine. I know that the Holy Ghost has a mission which is to testify within each one of us of the Father and the Son and yea even all truth. I live my faith by example to my nation, community, family and most of all myself. I rise daily with a restless and troubled soul with a resolution to be positive around others. I'm troubled because I continue to strive to do those productive activities that are outside my "comfort zone." I am content curling up in a corner unseen. Yet, over the years I've learned that there is a certain deliverance with being proactive. I've organized activities for putting together school kits for the Iraqi children. I've organized art shows and clean-up projects. I've helped flood and tornado victims. I've helped many people move their belongings from one house to the next. I've tried to be a friend and counsel with those in distress. Why do I do it? Because Jesus Christ was proactive. Even with his dying breath he was in the act of teaching and serving as an example. It's not my natural comfort level but it's something I've felt compelled to pursue and overcome. I'm sure in time I'll now the reasons but for now I'm satisfied that it is all in His wisdom how he folds the metal. My greatest offering of how I live my faith is demonstrated in my own home. I preside according to my commission endowed by my Creator. I teach the gospel. We pray as a family. We eat as a family. We even suffer trials and tribulations as a family. I am a Mormon, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I'm eternally grateful for that blessing in my life.

What is faith?

Aaron Green
Why does a weeping child reach out to a parent? Why does a bird return to it's mother? Why do we go to work each day? Why do we stick together as a family even when times are tough? The answer to these questions are the fundamental basis of what faith is. It is the forward or hoped belief in that which has not yet been seen yet the evidence thus far bears witness that it's true. A child would not reach for a mother if that child didn't believe there would be comfort and safety. A bird would not return if there was no hope that food would be there. We would not go to work if we didn't believe that it would sustain our livelihood and family's welfare. We wouldn't feel the bonds of family when one strays if we didn't have the belief that the future is still bright for that child. Faith is the principle of all action and all power in our lives. Most every decision we make revolves around some level of faith in the hoped outcome. If we exercise faith in Jesus Christ we further gain evidence of the promises of the gospel and thus gain more faith as a gift that we may keep going and endure to the end. Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

Aaron Green
I believe the Lord asks us to offer our tithes in the form of our increase because it is that which most of us cherish the most for survival and prosperity. It's the test of faith. Are we willing to test the Lord by freely offering our increase in the amount He prescribes with full faith that our interests will be met by Him if we tend first to the interest of the kingdom of God on earth and the mission of compassion to all His children? Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

Aaron Green
What is a proxy? Is it not to stand in place of something else? Given this basis did not our Lord and Savior even Jesus the Christ stand in our place as a proxy to inherit the sins and imperfections of each and every one of us? If Jesus stood as a proxy for us then it is the perfect foundation of the doctrine of standing as a proxy. We are dear to our Father in Heaven. He loves us and wants all of us in His presence. Because of our agency to choose it was known that not all of us would be heirs of His kingdom. Among the first steps back to the Father is baptism. One of the basic acceptances of baptism among most Christian sects is that it is necessary and vital to one's own salvation. I testify that it is! If our Father loves each and every one of us then a way would be open to all who've lived to partake of the crowning ordinance of baptism. Imagine the literal billions who have ever lived and yet live without a knowledge of even the name of Jesus Christ. It's not their fault that they don't have this knowledge. Yet, even in death our Father loves them. On the other side progress and learning continues. People are taught and some accept the gospel. We, as Latter-day Saints, are commissioned to stand in their behalf in sacred temples to be baptized in their name. However, that's not automatic salvation. Because of free agency to choose that person on the other side still has the freedom to accept or reject the ordinance done for them in the flesh. Show more Show less

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Aaron Green
The family is central to the Eternal Father's Plan of Happiness. We believe that the family relationship between husband and wife, parent to child, brother to sister and all others are divinely structured to endure through the eternities. It is literally part of our everlasting joy. It is order, true and just. The common phrase in a marriage is "till death do you part." We believe this to be a tragedy of the intended eternal nature of husband and wife. In our sacred temples and through the holy authority and power of the priesthood marriages and even families are bonded and sealed with a blessing to last for all eternity. Of course, this is dependent upon individual righteousness but the power of that blessing is strong enough for all to see their way through life and eventually back into the arms of loved ones. Imagine the joy and surety of this knowledge manifest in a widow who enjoyed her marital companionship for scores of years. Till this doctrine is taught and received in her she mourned that her vow is no longer in force. Now she gains light in the gospel of Christ and happily prepares to stand side-by-side with her husband. They are then "one" in the Lord and are thus able to progress through the eternities. Eternal life is the perpetuation of the lives. Joy in eternal posterity! Joy in the everlasting family from the reaches of ancestry to the newest descendant. It puts in order the proper relationships one with another. One family - under God. Show more Show less

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

Aaron Green
Abortion is strongly discouraged in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What we in mortality do to our unborn and also infant sons and daughter has no affect on their salvation. Those unaccountable for their actions and lives are in the bosom of Christ. However, great care and repercussions should be examined for any potential mother and father in considering an abortion. Only in extreme circumstances of rape, incest or life threatening conditions should this option even be considered. However, because we believe that our Father in Heaven literally speaks to his children (James 1:5) all who are in such confusing times should seek out His counsel in sincere and fervent prayer and also in counsel with their priesthood leader. Sensitive subjects like these are the business between the mother, father and of course the Eternal Father at the focus. In large part our responsibility in life is to form eternal families. There are situations regarding God's children whose mortality might be cut short in which salvation has already been worked out through the Plan of Salvation. Yet, we should not give into temptation that abortion is the "easiest" or "best" way out of the situation. What is strongly encouraged within troubled couples is that if the prospect of forming an eternal family and entering into the holy covenant of marriage is not probable then the child, barring the above exceptions, should be born and presented for adoption through LDS Family Services. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

Aaron Green
The First Vision is the dawning of the new day, an ushering in of an era of restoration of plain and precious truths. A vision of God the Eternal Father and his Only Begotten of the flesh, even Jesus Christ, presented itself before the literal eyes of Joseph Smith, Jr. when he was just fourteen curious years. The simplicity of the setting and the purity of the doctrines taught and learned give added testimony of it's truthfulness. The Smith family endured as others did the religious revivals throughout upstate New York. Many sects held their charismatic meetings and the Smiths attended several. Joseph became further confused at the differing doctrines. One evening upon reading the Epistle of James he came across a truth so vital that it pierced to his heart. In the first chapter, fifth verse, it outlines how a prayer should be offered unto God. "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" This gave comfort and an answer to Joseph. Soon thereafter he retired to the woods to a place he designed to experiment the practice of prayer. Because of his intended work ahead Joseph was rendered under a spiritual attack by adverse forces soon after he began praying. Just before he gave up hope a pillar of light descended and rested above him. The Father and Son were there with Joseph in the grove of trees. Joseph inquired of them which philosophy of man to subscribe to. He was to join none of them and thus began the Restoration of the original gospel of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Aaron Green
Have you ever had that fun activity as a child where your class sat in a circle? The teacher whispers something to the child next to her and that action follows suit from one child to the next until reaching the last child. The last child is asked to recite out loud what was whispered to him or her. Ever notice how the end story rarely reflects exactly what was said at the beginning? It's no less relevant for the written word. Yes, we indeed accept the Holy King James Version of the Bible as the word of God so far as it is translated correctly. Consider this though. Over these many centuries there were passages and points of doctrine that were disagreed with or not fully understood. Many of these have been either omitted or altered altogether. As we've demonstrated in the activity above it's not just a hypothesis but rather a concrete fact of the human experience. Mistakes happen. Now we live in a world where the "mysteries" of the Bible are not to be discussed or investigated. People are expected to follow blindly into a field they do not fully understand. We praise our Father in Heaven that through Joseph Smith holy writ was accomplished that "the testimony of two men is true (John 8:17)." The Holy Bible is the first witness of the tribes in the Holy Land. The second witness was translated in pristine condition by the power of God through Joseph Smith in what is now known as the Book of Mormon. It's the second witness completing the fullness of the gospel. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Aaron Green
Our Eternal Father in Heaven loves us. Yet to achieve perfection and progression we came to earth to work out our salvation. God gave us the tools and charges for each of us to obtain joy and happiness. Because of the necessary Fall or transgression of Adam and Eve all mankind was literally cut off from the full presence of the Father. The perpetuation of the human family began. Knowing this would happen even in the Council in Heaven a Savior had to be foreordained and willing to be that Sacrifice that all Father's children might have the opportunity, through personal choice and agency, to return back into His joy and presence. Jesus Christ was the first to step forward and thus he was sent. Jesus Christ is literally that bridge connecting us with the realm of the Father. Jesus Christ is the way, the life and the light of the world. There is no other path back to the arms of the Father except through Jesus Christ. In all our lives especially my own we come through those fires when we feel utterly unworthy and without control of our lives. Yet, at those small moments that we receive a truth or light we feel renewed or endowed with an added dose of power to keep going. That's the Spirit of Christ! That's the assurance that God loves you and that you can return to Him. If this were not possible there would be no need for the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Christ or even the Plan of Salvation. In fact, the entire human family would be laid waste along with the earth. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Aaron Green
Worship is reserved for the Eternal Father, the Only Begotten of the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost who's mission it is to bear witness within the bosom and mind of all the children of Adam of the Father and the Son. Joseph Smith is perhaps among the most "revered" figures in the Church. We acknowledge Joseph Smith as being in the company of even the prophets of old. Joseph was raised and brought forth in a new land to exercise as God's tool in ushering in the restoration of all that was lost - all truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is, and continues to be, the prophet of the Restoration of the Gospel, yes, even the prophet of this the last dispensation of the fullness of times. The Lord told Joseph that his name would be had for good and evil in all the world. This is true. Latter-day Saints revere Joseph Smith yet at the same time one can easily find deceit in the false witness against his name on the internet and in common conversation among men. Being logical in approaching the gospel to gain a personal witness of the gospel truth will not bear fruit. One must apply the counsel given Joseph in the beginning (James 1:5) and fully exercise faith that a personal answer will come. Only through sincere prayer can one obtain such a testimony that Joseph Smith was, is and continues to be a prophet of God and that Jesus the Christ is the Savior of all mankind. Only through Christ can we find our way back into the arms of our Eternal Father in Heaven. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Aaron Green
It is a blessing to know the revealed nature of our Father in Heaven. It deepens the gratitude and relationship that I have with my Father. It is so simple and is patterned right from our own mortal family. Our Father worked out his own exaltation. He endured his own trials and endured unto a perfected being. Through his own journey of exaltation he is able to feel and understand us and what we are going through. He is perfected with a body of flesh and bone. His spirit and body are united as one eternal unit. The Son Jesus Christ also. He is perfected and has a tangible body. They are both real and appeared in genuine form before Joseph Smith to usher in this truth which is part of the Restoration of the Gospel. He lives! The Son lives! The Holy Ghost lives! Our Father has created worlds without number. That statement alone deepens exponentially the commonly viewed magnitude of God. As a loving Father he offers His kingdom to us. He lives and loves us and invites us to dwell with Him and to partake of the architecture of eternal life and exaltation which He harvests joy from. Through the unembodied personage of the Holy Ghost God speaks to us. His will whispers in answer to our prayers. His grace uplifts us when we are repentant with a contrite spirit and broken heart. The glory of God is intelligence. Thus the more we learn and the more we live the gospel precepts the more we understand and feel the presence of God the Eternal Father in our lives. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

Aaron Green
Eternal life in our belief is not bound by defined limits of man. The common picture in the mind's eye is that heaven is people sitting around all happy and eating fruit. There is no productive activity because none is required. There is no order or bonds of family because we are single in the presence of God. The picture lacks vision and concern in their faces for those whom continue to strive toward perfection. These are false ideas and is not grounded in any solid foundation of logic or truth. Eternal life is not immortality. They are two separate states. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead but not to immortality. He was raised and permitted to live unto a later natural death. Immortality is the literal permanent joining of the body and spirit. This is a state that we will all be granted as a gift for keeping our first estate or choosing to follow our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ before we were even born into the world of mortality. It's a gift and a glorious one at that. Consider eternal life in contrast to what is "life" to you - here and now. Happiness in life is growth, continued and constant learning, productivity and most of all family. These define our essence of existence. It fulfills purpose. Eternal life is the perfected form of what life is. To be heirs of the Kingdom is to be like unto the Father and the limitless opportunities to expand, learn, grow and take joy in posterity. It's literally you looking into two mirrors facing each other. Show more Show less

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Aaron Green
Yes, it is true that Jesus Christ walked these lands. The Holy Bible is true yet there are so many things that have been left out and omitted. The Bible speaks of various peoples heeding to warnings and leaving their homes. Whatever happened to these people? The Book of Mormon is a true record of the dealings of the posterity of a couple families who were commanded to leave Jerusalem. They heeded the warnings of the Lord and were led to a promised land. The Book of Mormon was designed of the Lord to be hid from the eyes of the world until the proper time to see the light of day and to be translated by the gift and power of God. It is a record, as is the Holy Bible, of the good and evil doings of these peoples. It is also a record of the personal ministry of Jesus Christ on this continent. He even showed these people the wounds of his hands and feet. The Book of Mormon is quite literally a miracle offered by God to all the Earth. It is that second witness of Jesus Christ which is necessary to fulfill all truth. While hid it was protected from the frailties of man. It was protected from omissions and alterations. The Book of Mormon is a second witness of the Father and the Son and is the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It comes forth to prepare a weary world for the glory of the return of the Son of God, even Jesus Christ. It is important for all Native Americans to know that their ancestors literally touched the garment of the Lord Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Aaron Green
Our first test of allegiance to the Father was in the collection of heaven. We were all there learning and eager to progress. For our journey unto exaltation we all needed to have bodies and be tested in mortality. The great war in heaven was over freedom and the agency to choose. We accepted the plan of our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ that we should all be free to choose and not be predestined to an outcome. Those who rebelled followed Lucifer and were cast out never to have bodies. Those who allied with the Father were granted the opportunity to progress. All humankind who have taken up flesh are they who proved valiant enough to gain Father's favor and to be given mortality with a body of flesh and bone. God does not dwell in unholy temples. If we want to be fully guided by the Holy Spirit we are to do all we can to be as clean as possible inside and out. We do this so that we may more fully qualify to have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost and to have more clearer minds with distinct correct choices. The Holy Ghost is a source of friendship, guidance and personal revelation. For this reason all the children of man should avoid caffeinated products, coffee, tea, tobacco and other body and mind altering artificial stimulants. We should also avoid at all costs the practice of tattoos and body piercings. Our bodies are to be as holy and pure as our birth. We shouldn't suppose the amusement of body changes that God has not ordained for man. Show more Show less

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

Aaron Green
These are deeply troubled times. Yet, it's another pinnacle on the circle of the history of human events. Morality among civilizations rise and fall accordingly first to their leaders and judges of the time. It's almost a mathematical certainty. Now, in the fullness of times, we are rendered to the mindset of "entitlement" and assumed "rights." These are generational and engrained symptoms of pride. The mindsets mentioned above are proven killers of the fabric of family, nation and civility. They foster the drive for immediate attention and satisfaction. Marriage takes a back burner for immediate gratification between men and women. Both genders crave attention that they dress either rebelliously or immodestly. Unfortunately this trend is generational because too many young parents these days learned their behavior from their own parents and upbringing. Satan's pride bloats in this atmosphere. He wants us to wallow in the mires of self pity and to engage in activities to offer the "image" of personal importance in front of others. Can this change? It starts in the home. The family is central to the Creator's Plan of Happiness. We must turn the tide and return to the teachings of virtue in our homes. Sons and daughters need to know that chastity is a most cherished virtue to be protected. Modesty in speech and dress will also prepare sons and daughters to honor family and take their place among the righteous heirs of the Eternal Father in Heaven where we all belong. Show more Show less

How is the Book of Mormon different from the Bible? How did Joseph Smith obtain the “golden plates” or Book of Mormon?

Aaron Green
The Book of Mormon is an essential second witness of the divinity of Jesus Christ. It is unique because it has not been available for centuries to be modified, changed and passages omitted. According to the design of God the record was hidden from the wickedness of the world. It has come forth, again by the design of God, to revive the gospel in it's pristine condition as it was when Christ walked the earth. It is the fullness of the gospel. We sustain the Holy King James Version of the Bible as the word of God. It is a part of our standard works just as the Book of Mormon. Because of the pinnacle importance of the Book of Mormon it stands to support, uphold and verify the Bible. As they must they compliment one another in perfect harmony. Joseph Smith was visited several times by the Angel Moroni. The same Moroni who sealed up and hid the golden plates in mortality centuries before. Joseph Smith was not given the plates at first. In fact, Joseph had to be spiritually and physically prepared to receive the plates for translation. It took about four years of repeated visitations from Moroni to prepare and instruct Joseph Smith for that moment. This span of time was so vital that Joseph was warned even to his life not to search for the plates until the appointed time. Joseph was not a gold digger and did not find amusement in using "vision stones" to find the plates. Joseph had only obedience, a pure intent, broken and contrite heart and an eagerness to learn. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

Aaron Green
One of the stereotypes of Mormons is that we feel "above" others. It's timeless that we are seen as a "secret" cult with very private and secret activities. Reality couldn't be further than the truth. We have sacred temples that we uphold as the most holy grounds on the face of the earth. They are havens from the world. It is there that ordinances pertaining to marriage and family are tended to. Family is of paramount importance for our salvation and exaltation. It is there that we, after much research and verification, bond or "seal" our own family lines. Our entire family line literally becomes a "tree" in the vineyard of God so to speak. It is there that we break the taboo of the worldly marital vows of "till death do us part" and embrace marriage in the view of God - sealed for all time and eternity. No, The Church is not all inclusive as a body of perfect souls. Because we uphold the temple grounds to such a high standard not all Mormons are allowed within those precious walls. All are invited, but not all are ready to take on those especial ordinances and responsibilities. The Church takes the lead in teaching personal progression. Life is a journey of progress back to the Father. Because of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the revelation of the ordinances of the temple the living and the dead can be sealed into an everlasting line of family. Yet, all have the choice to accept the gospel. It's all about personal agency to choose. Show more Show less

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Aaron Green
For anyone seeking a complete outline of faith I'd recommend the inspired words of the Prophet Joseph Smith especially Lectures on Faith. No one can top the simplicity of the words which are truly inspired. I love to study about faith and I'll try to present it for you. Faith is more a verb than it is a noun. First, you must understand what faith is and then apply it. Faith is the principle upon which all action and power is based. You exercise faith to some degree in every decision you make. Faith is that hope for the end result of what you seek. You can't see it yet you've confirmed through evidence that it's there. Every decision we make is based upon a preconceived notion on the end result. That result is what empowers our drive to action. We don't study without the hope of gaining knowledge. We don't work without the hope of compensation to sustain our life. Without faith we are void. As we strive to instill the precepts of the gospel into our every moment of life we further gain evidence of the Atonement and saving power of Jesus Christ. Thus the promise of this action is that we gain a furthered and enlarged faith. This added faith should be sufficient to sustain us even unto a perfected faith or knowledge of God but it's still up to individual choice to stay the course, endure and qualify for the end result. To stand resolute in faith upon your own two feet before your advocate Jesus Christ and also your Father in Heaven even God the Eternal Father. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Aaron Green
The Atonement is that willing sacrifice so that all mankind may have the opportunity to return back into the presence of the Eternal Father. A proper sacrifice that would satisfy such a bridge can only be done willingly and by one who has led a sinless life. In other words a sacrifice of purity. Because of that gift of the Fall of Adam and Eve the human family was severed from the personage and presence of God. His presence is what each of us desire the most even though in life most of us don't realize it. The act of sacrificing the firstborn of the flocks was thus instituted as a symbol of the One who would come and be that Sacrifice for all mankind. In that Grand Council in Heaven we all were there. Lucifer's cunning was rejected and eventually ejected from the realms of heaven. Jesus Christ was accepted. He exercised pure love for all of us without vain pride or hidden agenda. Jesus Christ offered himself as that sacrifice that would come from a sinless life to atone for the sins of the world. Thus we see that all who have taken on mortal flesh and blood have accepted Jesus Christ, our Elder Brother, and his own sacrifice before we were born and in the presence of a grand council of the Father. Without the Atonement (or to finally be "At One" with the Father) the purpose of the Plan of humankind and the Earth itself would have been mute and without purpose. With it we can be sanctified and justified through Jesus Christ as we kneel before the throne of God. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Aaron Green
It can be tough! Being a Mormon is a challenge that is well worth the battle. There is no other name under heaven that is scrutinized and slandered more than that of a Mormon, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In a world where some extreme religious organizations promote violence and death, still the peaceful Christian faith of the Mormons are intentionally placed below those organizations. It is done through falsehood and it is done by the cunning of the adversary. Being a Mormon is light! With all the problems I've had in my life I take much joy and gratitude of the gospel knowledge that I've received. It outweighs all the adversity of life. There is great comfort that these gospel truths afford to life. It offers spiritual and logical answers to why we are called to endure all the pains and persecutions life hands us. Believe it or not understanding a small portion of "why" things happen is the biggest part of being able to endure those things. Out of reverence for the gift of these answers we do wear our Sunday best to church services. We do attend church weekly and keep the Sabbath Day holy. We do freely live a wholesome diet that the Holy Ghost may dwell within us. We do, not only profess our faith but live our faith every day. We are upholders of the Constitution of the United States. We hold it sacred and the Founding Fathers as being inspired of God to usher in this country in preparation for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Aaron Green
It's no secret. To be prepared for all emergencies ensures continued happiness, dignity and order within the family and household. As the world frenzies over rumored "end of the world" or doomsday we, as Latter-day Saints, prepare our lives for those other everyday adversities that challenge us. We live in a troubled national and global economy. Few jobs are truly secured. What would you do if you lost your job today? Are you prepared? Do you have food enough and even financial reserve to sustain your life for a while? It happens everyday and can mean the difference between happiness in continued dignity of self reliance or servitude and unhappiness in government assistance and handouts. Severe weather happens all the time. If a snow storm takes out your power for several days are you prepared? Do you have prepared clothes, blankets, water and means of heat? A tornado takes your home. Do you have emergency essentials in your basement or buried in the earth that you may maintain the means to continue and recover with as little outside assistance as possible? With recent epic floods, tornadoes and record snowfalls emergency preparedness is a no brainer that we all should be magnifying in our lives. It is happiness! To know that you can grow your own food that will sustain you is to be not so reliant and dependent on the food market. The Lord's admonition for preparedness is a gift to ensure continued happiness for our families and further generations to come. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Aaron Green
With Jesus Christ as the foundation at every discussion the missionaries will address who you are - period. They will teach you that you dwelt with your Father in Heaven before your mortal birth. They will teach you why you are here and what you proved in Father's presence in order to be worthy to take on a mortal journey. You will be taught the nature of the afterlife. You will be taught your endless potential as an heir of a glorious eternal life. You'll be taught all this with Jesus Christ as the foundation. This so that you may know and learn that it is only through Jesus Christ that these answers are manifest and your potential eternal life a reality. You will learn that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is unique. The Church is not protestant but rather a Restoration of the ancient faith as organized by Jesus Christ. Being taught this you will then understand further that it is only through a Restoration that the authentic authority of Jesus the Christ is manifest through the line of the Holy Priesthood. Further, you'll learn that this authority exists today and that the glorified ancient apostles Peter, James and John appeared to Joseph Smith and bestowed upon him this Priesthood thus restoring that line of authority once more upon the Earth. You'll learn the necessity and proper order of repentance and redemption. You'll learn that it's the first steps preparatory to the ordinances of the gospel thus readying you for the onset of exaltation. Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

Aaron Green
Love the person but not always the actions they take. That's is counsel from my mother that I've grown up with and it has kept my judgments and objectivity in check. Our doctrines are sure and unchangeable even as Jesus Christ and God the Father are sure and unchangeable. We in the Church reach out to everyone and want to include everyone because there is room enough, and to spare, in Father's household for all of us. Yet the justified and sanctified nature of the Church is maintained because we strive to uphold those doctrines among all members. Much has been said in the media about the "Mormon" church and Proposition 8 and other controversial situations regarding the homosexual or "gay" community and the Church. Let this be known unto all nations, kindreds and tongues. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints upholds the order and sanctity of the family and deem the family as central to the Creator's Plan of Happiness. Does this mean we are opposed to homosexuality? Yes. Why? Because we believe that practice is against the design of man and the order of the family. Are people born in this manner? No. All our actions are according to personal choice. Environment and other variables may add to a disposition to develop such tendencies but it is not an inborn design to be forced into a life outside the design of God. We reach out and help these precious individuals. Yet, because modern society accepts this lifestyle doesn't mean the Church must also. Show more Show less

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Aaron Green
Read James 1:5. If you lack wisdom ask the Eternal Father in Heaven in prayer that the way may be prepared for you to receive the answers you seek. You can chat with willing servants right here on mormon.org. You can be ever observant to notice missionaries always in twos and most always in suits in your community. Likely they are Mormon missionaries. Either way if you pray in faith - you will receive. My suggestion is that if you are struggling with self identity, alcoholism, pornography, abuse, drugs, profanity or are just plain unsure of your purpose here then take the time to read the countless testimonies, answers and stories found here on mormon.org. Do a search on here and I promise you will eventually find many results that will touch you personally. Finding familiarity with someone is precious. To have that inward reflection is good and is the first sign that you are listening and are on the road to answers. It's a most delicate time. Once you place your foot upon a good road adversarial forces will strive to trip that foot and pull you back. Don't let this happen but persevere and endure. Happiness is at the end of that sure road. The sure road succors the need of your spirit and supplies healing to the mind, body and soul. It declares to your spirit that long forgotten familiarity of purpose. That road will not make you happy as to the immediate things of the world but it will show you the path to acquire happiness along the journey of life. Show more Show less