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Hi I'm Scott Saunders, MD

I'm a father. I'm a diagnostician. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Besides my love of God, my first passion is my wife and children, they mean everything to me. My wife and I have thirteen children, which keep us very busy. I enjoy my time with them more than anything. I was a Boy Scout leader for each of my boys, going on camp outs and doing all the activities. I never miss a soccer game or play if one or more of the kids is in it. My second passion is healing illness. As a Family Practice physician, I love to discover the root cause of illness and help people heal so they don't need medications. I get so excited to discover a rare disease and find a way to overcome it. It amazes me how our technology has advanced enough to know about the function of each body individually. My third passion is building. I have built many things from 4-story condominium complexes to jewelry boxes. The process of having an idea in my head, designing, engineering, and creating are very enjoyable. My wife will see me intently studying my work and remark, "Admiring your work?" -- yes, that too! My fourth passion is cooking. I enjoy creating great dishes with whatever is available. I will go into the kitchen after the kids say, "There's nothing to eat!" and create an amazing gourmet meal! That's fun! My fifth passion is writing. I have over 2000 pages of essays on topics from science such as physics and chemistry, to religion, to philosophy. I'm currently in the process of compiling many of them into a book I hope to publish -- soon!

Why I am a Mormon

From childhood I was interested in knowing God. At the age of 11 I stood on a mountain in the High Sierras looking across a meadow with a lake reflecting snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance and I knew there was a God. I wanted to know Him. I studied every religious or irreligious book I could. While I found wonderful things in all religions I studied, the Mormon Church has always offered more -- more good, more knowledge, more wisdom, more truth. All of my questions were answered, there was no dogma that I just had to accept. I was told to study and pray about everything. As I have learned physics, chemistry, philosophy, and biology, every truth I find, no matter where, is part of my religion. The source of truth is not important because all truth comes from God. I wanted a religion that encompassed all knowledge. This is very important to me. I didn't want to be limited, because I don't think God is limited in any way!

How I live my faith

The center part of my life is my relationship with God. I come to know Him by serving His children, my siblings, since we are all children of God. I have served as a teacher of youth, scoutmaster, priesthood leader, and Sunday school teacher, among others. When I was 19 years old, I had just finished my second year of college, I took some time off to serve as a missionary in Venezuela. What a joy it is to help others come to know Christ! He truly changes lives for the better. As a youth I could see the obvious differences in those who come to know Him. I feel so blessed that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored! One of the most important parts of that restoration is the Temple. I go to the Temple every chance I get -- almost every week, even though it is over 2 hours away. I worked in the Temple for five years! I feel such joy in serving in the House of the Lord. The Temple has become my spiritual university as I seek more education about our Heavenly Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I love knowledge, wisdom, and truth.

What is the Law of Chastity?

Scott Saunders, MD
As a physician I have seen many of the problems associated with breaking the Law of Chastity. Children need to be protected from any danger in society -- we give them helmets when they ride bikes, put seat belts on them in cars, and railing around high places to protect them from falling and getting hurt. This is the purpose of the law of chastity. Having seen the devastation caused by complacency I would put the walls up higher. I think any form of pornography is breaking the law of chastity; Jesus said that even looking in lust is equivalent to breaking this law. We need to be careful of dress -- immodest dress is also breaking the law of chastity for the same reason. Touching, kissing, or otherwise stimulating sexual desires for another that is not your spouse puts one in danger. Staying far away from the edge is the best policy. There are many blessings that come through obedience to the law of chastity. Those who keep this law find amazing joy and happiness in all their relationships. They are able to love all with a pure love, and enjoy true heartfelt connections. Most of all, they enjoy a deep trust and love in marriage that none who break this law can ever understand. Show more Show less