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Hi I'm Larry

I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Family Patriarch, and and Engineer, in that order of priority. I am also a Mormon.

About Me

I am in my mid 60's, and have a long term fondness for sailing. My wife of 40+ years and I have both retired from professional life. I as an engineer / operator in the nuclear power industry, she as a mid-level manager in the electronics industry. We have grown to prioritize our lives to begin with God, move to spouse, then to children, granchildren, and finally vocation and avocation. It was a growing process - it started out pretty much the opposite of the above listing! As retired people, we now spend a good bit of time on our sailboat, but we try to never lose sight of our current list of priorities! The kids love the boat too, so it makes it easy for us!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in the church, and my parents made sure youth activities and church service was available to me, but I could not say they were particularly active themselves. I stopped my own involvement with the church at about 18 to pursue interests typical of boys my age. I enlisted in the Navy, and served in Vietnam before I met the girl I would make my wife. She was an inactive member of another church at the time, and we began our lives together, but found less real meaning than we had come to expect. When our first child came along, we began a dialog about how we should provide a christian influence for our family, and my wife joined the church quickly after a short period of study. We experienced trials and success in our family, as most do, but it always seemed we experienced more happiness when we were leading the way for our children in the church. Together, we began to realize that a number of very moving and spiritual experiences constituted a message for us, and we became eagerly active in the church. We have now raised two successful children, have seven beautiful grandchildren, and have had the privilege of witnessing God bless them all! We are Mormons because it has been our great privilege to see our family prosper thru alignment with the family centered teachings of the church. We have no doubt whatever about the truthfulness of the restored gospel, and find ever more comfort in the way the church provides guidance while all around us we witness the destruction of the family and the general decay of modern society. I bear witness that obedience to the commandments of God is vital to our salvation, and that the restored gospel is the same now as it was when it was established by our savior Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

It's accurate to say I live my faith in the very same way I live my life! I would like to think there is no difference in the way I live life and the way I should live it, but the reality is that I make mis-steps almost daily, as all of us do. None of us is perfect, and err regularly. The gospel helps me to understand that though I err, I can be forgiven. As I learn better control over my life, I become better in some areas, and get presented with new challenges in others! It is a real challenge to live an LDS life, in that many people know of some of our standards, and provide an always present observation of how we live up to the standards they are aware of! In some ways, this helps me, as I know people ARE watching, and so I have an impetus to do better. In other ways, I think we can lose sight of the real meaning of the restored gospel if we worry too much about how we appear to others. Therefore, I try to strengthen my family relationships, encourage them to follow in the path of Jesus Christ, and to let those I am surrouned with know of my standards. I do not necessarily 'wear my faith on my sleeve', but I do try to help others understand WHY I live the way I do.