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Hi I'm Sasha Dearinger

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

i am pretty chill guy.love doing something that is challenging-physacally getting warn out with the smile on my face and being surrounded by people i love.The most favorite thing is to laugh because i believe its truely does change everything that could be unfair or hard in our lives. love doing things with a reason/purpose.Making goals towards progression in anything im not good at and than hitting them ,and push myself further up to become the best i possible can be. I love being in the crouds of people,i enjoy music, i love working out(i believe its an addiction-love the feeling it gives me.) I play soccer,basketball,and love doing Muay Thai. i have not been a member for too long but i defenetly can tell you streight up-its the best thing that i possiblely could find in my 23 years of my young life.it complitely change me,my family and helped me to put things in eternal perpective rather than temporal.i could never imagine how gospel could play such a huge roul in your life.But it is and i love living it and helping others to find it.

Why I am a Mormon

There are times in life when you come down flat down on your face ,not knowing what to do or what to choose that would be right for you.Thats when you turn for help.I have been falling in that possition for a while. As we were blessed to move to the U.S.A. we had a chance to get involve in religion-mormons.As i have been attending some of their activities,meetings.The spirit touched me like it never had in my prior life experiences.And that in moment when you start question or searching for the truth.As i continued searching that same feeling would come back and ground me,specifically concerning this church and what its teaching.I picked up the book of mormon with promptings to pray and desire to try to read.through some time i asked as if it was true .I have received the answer in such a way that i just knew deep in my soul that all of it was true.I cant explain in words or images but i know its true.And what I received as an answer my personal revelation. And now as i follow everything that the church of Christ teaches i receive blessings( spiritual,physical as wel as temporal). i know this is the same church that has been rejected by people like us 2,000 years ago.because of pride and no desire to change.But because God ,our Father in Heaven has been always striving to help,he reached out to us even in our days with the living prophet and more truths that will help us to be better people.Gospel is my life.i love it.As i said before the more and more i follow, i get reassured that its true. you think you got a good life without what we have?can you imagen how much better it will be when you will receive more direction towards perfection? No,you don't.so work on getting the answer about all of this if you really wish to know. I enjoy the life with knowledge and confidence i have,everything I do/live is truth given to me from God for the benefit of my soul and family.

How I live my faith

i love apportunities i have been given to me, serve others simple because i have love for the gospel and not some type of high education or money.i served my full-time mission as missionary of the church of the latter day saints in Chicago illinois,and i feel it is my way to show the Savior that i am grateful for the love shown and atonement he has preformed for me.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Sasha Dearinger
From personal experiences,.there are thousands different ways that help individuals to encrease there faith in Christ.For me three main things; because each is the personal revelation the we can use in our own adventage pray-two way communication with their Father which is the most caring and loving parent we have.He is not the God that seats on the thrown and just observes but he is the one that works all around us,constentely trying to help.if we talk to our Father with sencere heart and love,he will listen and will help.But if we pray like we talk on the phone while we are shopping at the same time,than our chances as far as receiving the answers or get help ,are pretty lame. Scriptures-they are the records of blessings that often described in the stories of people being obedient to God or not.we can learn of what to do and not to,even in our times with cars and plasma tv's and iPads,iPhones. Church- i know many people say i dont need to go to church to be a christian,truth!kind of like "if i stand in garage it doesnt make me a car,just like if i go to church it wouldn't make me a christian" lol but if we come to the sacred place to partake the sacrament for the rememberinces of our Saviors penalties and sufferings for each one of us,renew our own promises that we have made to him,with attitude to learn and to help others than you will have apportunity to encrease your faith and those who struggle to believe or live it. Show more Show less