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Hi I'm Joe Walker

I'm a systems engineer and non-profit director of an organization using Health IT to improve efficiency in health care.

About Me

I'm a father and husband, and enjoy traveling and exploring with my family. I enjoy video games and video development. I'm a technology geek and system engineer, working as a non-profit director to build a common, efficient and effective IT infrastructure to improve quality and lower the cost of health care in my community. I also teach project management part time at a local college. I analyze everything and always ask "why".

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in this faith, though I seriously considered my dedication to it as a teenager. I researched other faiths and attended some. While family wanted me to stay, I chose to stay because I received an answer to a prayer about whether it was true. I've continued to experience that the teachings of the church are consistent with the way I experience spirituality in my life. I recognize that others reconcile their spiritual experiences with scientific or psychological explanations. I know some ridicule the origins of this faith, and some claim evidence against it. I believe that sources of information are not always what they seem, and that especially with regards to spiritual things, one must be very judicial about which sources are trustworthy. Ultimately, a person of sound judgement must choose their sources of truth. Regardless of whether that choice takes a person towards Atheism, Islam, Catholicism, Scientology, Judaism, Mormonism, or some other path, that choice is an act of faith, exercised on the basis of evidence and judgement. The professions of law and science provide common criteria for recognizing legitimate sources of truth, however I believe it is arrogant and presumptuous to assume that these rules can be applied to matters of ultimate truth that extend to the spiritual plane and beyond. Based on these rules, people used to believe the earth was flat, and these beliefs morph over time. We do not have the ability to perceive beyond what our senses and tools can enable us to see, and are foolish to assume that we understand those planes without incorporating spiritual sources of truth. I believe the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints really is what it claims to be--a source for truth. The church's doctrines aren't based on scholarly interpretations, but on revelation and authorization from God. Accordingly, I choose this church as my source of truth.

How I live my faith

I currently lead the men's group in our local congregation. Basically that entails coordinating lessons on Sundays and periodically teaching them. I also coordinate a local program for the men in our congregation to visit and minister to all of the families in their homes on a regular basis. I assist the Bishop, who heads our congregation, with special needs families may have. Beyond my church responsibilities, I teach my children to search for and understand truth wherever it comes from. I encourage their participation in school activities, study their materials with them, and study with them from the scriptures. I encourage them to ask questions about and understand faith. While I hope they'll choose to follow in my footsteps, I intend to make that choice theirs. I aim to follow the supreme laws dictated by Christ, that we should love God first and foremost, and then love our fellow man. I abide by the ten commandments and the additional guidelines taught by prophets, both anciently and in modern times, as nearly as I can understand those precepts to apply to modern society. I experience joy, love and blessings as a result, and seek to share the joy I feel with others, as well as the foundation for this joy--which are taught by the missionaries of this church.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Joe Walker
No. We espouse Christian values and seek to help all of our brothers and sisters in this world. We do take special effort to look after our own, just as siblings in a family take special care of one another, though not to the exclusion of others. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Joe Walker
No. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Joe Walker
Service is voluntary for all--one does not lose their membership or any other privileges for not serving. However, all young men are specifically asked to make the choice to sacrifice, prepare and serve. Young women and mature married couples are also invited to participate. Show more Show less