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Hi I'm Anthony "Tony" Suafoa

There ain't many things you could do on the street, that I ain't done or was capable of doing, but now, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 24, I am Samoan,German & Cajun,Native American,Irish. I grew up in single parent home(south louisiana), I was the man of the house most of my childhood.Through the challenges and trials placed upon my family, I found myself at home in the street life of the northwest USA, learning from my usoz how to be a man. I have come along way since then, I feel like a old man sometimes, but I know I am blessed to have moved forward, by God's grace, to a place of peace within myself. A place that takes daily commitment to stay... sometimes I fail, but you know, I ain't supposed to know it all. I was asked, and chose, to walk with faith following the Lord, Jesus Christ. He is my rock and my foundation! Nothing can substitue for his Love. Real Talk... without Christ, I'd be dead or in jail, of that I am sure. Because of his tender mercies, I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, & an uso. But most of all I am a Child of God! I work building homes, as a carpenter or any trade I need to be. I enjoy anything physical, that's my way of getting rid of the bad energy. Try hold ya breath and run a block or two when ya mad. You'll calm down.. believe dat. Food... I eat any type, delicious! FAm Bam is what its about, no doubt! I got sealed to my wife for eternity, nov 2010. Straight up miracle! Holla at me sometime....

Why I am a Mormon

I was a young man, almost alone in honolulu, which ain't where I am from. I was slippin hard, so I went back to Catholic church 2 times!! But Heavenly Father had other plans for me. At that time my lady,(wifey now) was a mormon. We was always battling over issues, so to get to know her, I went to see what her faith was!! Even though I was walking on slippery slopes, my religious foundation, thanks mama, defined me. At church I met Elder Choi & Twitchell. They became friends, real friends. They listened to my stories & respectfully, shared their messages. Over time they invited me to pray to GOD, to know if what they were teaching me was true. To be honest, I was trippin me out at first, because it was different than what I grew up knowing. But I broke down after reading from the Book Of Mormon & prayed to know the truth for myself. 3 days into doing that, My mama sent me a pamphlet about money & GOD's way of doing it. SO I read that & looked up the verses in the Bible & a few verses down I read a scripture saying "the Book OF Mormon", in the BIble!!! I slammed it shut & avoided the Elders until they were gone & I moved to Tacoma, Wa. From that point on I knew it was true, but I went on doing what I was doing..... My life sucked during that time & I've never been so deep in a hole, than at that point!! But, one day, I was eating dinner with my father & a knock on the door. I answered it & was happy to see Elders there. The next night I committed to quit my vices & 3 weeks later I was baptized. SO here's the crazy parts. I lived on a hill in a gated apartment complex, furthest from the entry at the very last, bottom corner. Elder Jolley & Pratt, told me that I was the first & last door they knocked in that whole complex!!!! GOD sent them for me!!!!!! Next, they told me, no place in the Bible that says "the Book of Mormon"!!!! I know it was real cause re-read it over & over. It was a personal miracle for me from GOD. I beleive that with all my heart!!!!!

How I live my faith

How I live my Faith? That's a deep question!! The greatest responsibility I have in this life is as a Husband & Father!!!! That takes precedence over everything else on earth. I serve in whatever ways the Lord needs me to serve. Right now, I serve shoulder to shoulder with the Full-time missionaries(white shirts & ties). I do as much as I can, so that others, like you, can have opportunity to hear this glad message!! JESUS CHRIST lives!!!!! HE is our LORD & SAVIOR!!!! TRUE peace is only found in & thru HIM!!!! The "Book of Mormon" is really the word of GOD & using it with the "Holy Bible" you can know & truly build a relationship with Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ.... Oh you got a relationship already? Reading Both of these books, will make your love & understanding of YOUR Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ grow infinitely. Believe dat!!!! I am a hometeacher to 5 families in behalf of my bishop; he similar to paster or priest. Sounds like I've got it together huh? NOPE...... but I've learned that GOD uses us to do his will, not because we are perfect, but because when you serve others, you are only serving your HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!! (Book Of Mormon - Mosiah 2:17) I have been clean & sober for 3 years now!! To maintain this I attend Addiction Recovery Program (ARP) as much as I can!!! It was the first time I did something to help myself!!! All the ARP did was point me towards CHRIST & say do these steps, build spirituality & let your loving, Heavenly Father heal you, through HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST!!!