Corey: Mormon.

Hi I'm Corey

About Me

Let's see... I'm a member of an awesome family, the second out of six kids. My parents and siblings are all really great, and I'm really glad to have grown up and lived with them. I love video games, playing them and programming them. Programming's been something I've been interested in for a really long time, so I'm hoping to do that one day. I'm still kind of a kid at heart, and I still love chocolate and pizza. Right now I'm in college, at BYU-Idaho. Pretty great life if I may say so myself!

Why I am a Mormon

Like a lot of members of the church, I was born into it and my parents were raised in the church as well. However, just like everyone else, just going wasn't enough. After a while life started to get challenging, and I needed to know, not just think, that this church is true. I did something that I had been counseled to do lots of times but never really did - pray. When I say I never really did it, I mean that I would pray all the time, but it would often be the same things or even the same prayer over and over. This time I needed to pray with real intent - so honestly trying to talk to our Heavenly Father and being willing to act on any answer I would recieve. I am very happy to say that I did recieve my answer and that, thanks to prayer, I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's true church, established for anyone who desires to come to Him. There's a difference, though, between why you come and why you stay, and I stay a Mormon because it makes me and others happy! It's brought a lot of joy into my life and has helped me through some very difficult times. Being a member of this church, living the commandments and serving others really does bring happiness to your life, so much more than the things that the world offers. It is truly great!

How I live my faith

I live my faith in several ways, mostly by trying my best to keep the commandments and become more like Jesus Christ. It's really tough actually, I feel like there's a lot to do. The thing is though, it also makes me a lot happier than I would be otherwise. Because of that, it's a very worthwhile thing to do and I wouldn't change it for the world. I also do my best to help others, whether that be through some sort of physical thing they need or if they just need someone to talk to. I do my best to read from the scriptures and pray daily, and I try my best to apply the things I learn from them. I can honestly say that these are bringing me closer to Christ as I strive to become more like Him.