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Hi I'm Mary

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife, a mother, a part-time substitute teacher, and love working with children. In my spare time, I am a voracious reader of a variety of literature. I also enjoy many crafts including card making, stamping, scrap booking, crochet, drawing, and painting. I enjoy learning new skills.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church as a child, and found a great sense of peace and love from the Lord as I lived the teachings of the gospel. I chose to serve a mission for the church during my college years. This decision was not due to any pressure from my family or peers, but was due to my desire to share the happiness I felt with others. When facing life's challenges, I have found that the gospel provides tremendous guidance. Being able to pray and receive answers directly from God gives clarity and meaning to all that I do. I have experienced many miracles throughout my life, both great and small, that have shown me that our Heavenly Father is real and takes a personal interest in me. Knowing that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth, to teach mankind the gospel, and to become our Savior and atone for my sins and provide a way for me to return to our Father, fills me with gratitude and awe. I feel their love in my daily life, and the witness of the Holy Spirit has confirmed to me that these things are true and that God cares for each of us in a deeply personal way. The church provides the only way that we can experience the gospel in its fullness. It has taught me the steps I need to follow to enjoy lasting happiness amid life's struggles. As I participate in ordinances and covenants such as baptism and then receive the sacrament of the Lord's supper, I am able to have my sins remitted and keep His Spirit with me. By reading the scriptures and following the counsel of modern day prophets, I am given a path that helps me avoid common pitfalls, and shows me the things I should do to develop my full potential as a daughter of God.

How I live my faith

I am an active member of the church. While I have assigned duties serving the women and children in nine communities where our church exists in this part of my state, I also try to live the teachings of Christ in my daily life in my own community. I try to show love and kindness to neighbors and strangers alike. Being involved in projects that build and strengthen families, feed the homeless, and bring needed supplies to orphans and others in need are priorities in my life. Service: I work with and support the Boy Scouts of America as they work with boys and young men and provide leadership training to adults. One of my assigned duties is to organize day camps for 11 yr old Scouts each summer. I also organize and implement an annual Day Camp for LDS girls ages 8 to 11. These day camps are designed to build character, provide opportunities for teaching the youth about service, teach them skills, and give them a glimpse of their divine potential. Meals: taking in meals to the homeless shelter, providing meals to families who are new or having a big event such as a new baby or experiencing illness, helping with community fundraisers for worthy causes... this is one way that draws me nearer to my Savior. Conversation: giving encouragement to new mothers, being a listening ear for someone who feels overwhelmed by life's challenges, sharing simple tips that have brought me peace, sharing the words of the Lord found in the scriptures, and prayer are ways that I can share my experiences and use words to benefit those around me. A smile and a kind word can help change people's lives. I am not perfect, but I have been blessed by the Lord. I feel that I can do something each day to help someone, and that God will guide me to the lives I am supposed to serve.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women come in a variety of personalities and circumstances. Some are married, some are single, some are widowed, others are divorced. What we all share is a desire to keep God's commandments and to return to Him someday. We believe that marriage is ordained of God and that men and women are equal partners. In my life, that means that we have both cared for our daughter, changed diapers, fixed meals, and done house chores. We work together in teaching our daughter the commandments of God as well as teaching her the many skills she will need throughout her life. My husband and I both have college degrees, and although I worked full-time to support the family while he finished his degree, I was anxious to stay home after the birth of our daughter. There is no worldly success that can match the joy of raising your own children. So, while I did stay at home to nurture and care for her, it was not that I was bullied or forced to leave full-time employment to do so. Rather it was a choice made from the personal experiences of myself and my husband as well as in response to counsel from the leaders of the church. My mother was a gifted, intelligent women who chose to stay home and provide me with a wonderful upbringing. Why would I want my child to receive anything less? My husband is fully supportive of the hours that I spend in church service, and I do the same for him. Mutual respect is an essential element in our marriage. Show more Show less