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Hi I'm Jason

I'm a writer, a ninja, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm from Anthem Arizona though I've lived in Texas, Colorado, Missouri, Indiana, and Michigan. I have four older brothers and a younger sister. Family is very important to me and some of my most happy moments are because of that. I enjoy a wide variety of activities, from reading to gaming, and am always looking for something new to be involved in. I love learning and pushing myself in all aspects!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Mormon Faith and have always had a belief in God. As he has supported me in my trials and helped me overcome obstacles and challenges I had little hope of doing myself. I wasn't really 'converted' until I decided to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover some time ago. I knew the stories from the Book of Mormon and the Bible before. But I had never gone through, actively thinking about and applying what I read. I decided doing that and sincerely praying would be a good choice. Soon after I immersed myself in scripture, I couldn't put the book down. Other activities became a nuisance. I was focused on learning about my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and the wonderful plan God has for us. I love to study the Gospel, and love even more so to share it with others and the happiness and comfort I've seen come from living it.

How I live my faith

As my knowledge and love for the Gospel has grown, I have been blessed to share that with others in various activities in church and work. Many friends often have questions about God, life, or go through difficult and struggling times. I've been able to share what I know and how it can help; as I've applied it many times and been comforted. Especially when I have lost those I love. Knowing that God has a plan that we can see each other and be together is wonderful. Also knowing that Jesus Christ knows exactly how I have felt in those times and knows how to uplift me and help me get through them is incredibly comforting. He knows how all of us feel and will be our Rock. I showed my love for God and the Lord Jesus Christ by serving a mission in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have seen people in the darkest of all places, in misery and sorrow, become some of the happiest and hopeful people I know when the Gospel of Jesus Christ was introduced to them.

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. He came to earth and suffered for everything negative that we experience as well as for our sins. Because of this, Jesus Christ knows exactly how each of us feels and can help us in our lives. Also as we have faith in him and do what he has asked, we are made clean and can again return to live with our Heavenly Father. Because Jesus Christ was resurrected after he died on the cross, breaking the bands of death, all who have lived on the earth and will yet live be resurrected and have a perfect, immortal body. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe happens to us after we die? What do Mormons believe about life after death?

We believe the spirit and body separate at death. The spirit is "taken home to that God who gave them life." Those who are righteous enter into a state of rest and peace from all troubles and sorrow called paradise. The wicked are in a state of misery as they chose evil works rather than good. This state is called prison. Paradise and prison make up what's called "the spirit world". Alma 40:11-13 God is a just, merciful, and perfect God and because of this, those who did not have the opportunity to learn of Christ and his teachings, or learn of God, are taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the spirit world. Peter 4:6 Spirits remain in the spirit world till the resurrection. All will be resurrected and have a perfect, immortal body of flesh and bone. No longer subject to disease, illness, or age. We are judged according to our works, desires, circumstances, and so on. Everything is taken into account. After judgment we are placed in one of three kingdoms of glory. 1 Corinthians 15:40-42 The Celestial Kingdom, the Terrestial Kingdom, or the Telestial Kingdom. God dwells in the Celestial Kingdom and this is where we will live with our families if we follow God's commandments and make covenants or two-way promises with God through ordinances like baptism with the proper Priesthood Authority. The Terrestrial Kingdom is for honorable people, but weren't strong in their testimony of Jesus Christ. The Telestial Kingdom is for people who rejected Jesus and did not repent. Show more Show less

What is the Book of Mormon?

The Bible is a record of prophets and people in ancient Israel and surrounding areas. It teaches us of God, Jesus Christ, and ways God can help us in our lives. Because God loves all of his children, he called prophets in the ancient Americas and taught the people there of Jesus Christ, the wonderful news of the Gospel, and how we can make use of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is a record of the people in the ancient Americas. It goes hand in hand with the Bible in teaching of Christ. It also makes clear doctrine that was changed or lost from the Bible over the course of hundreds of years of translation. Show more Show less