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Hi I'm Angela

I'm a Convert, and PROUD and Honored to be called a MORMON!

About Me

I am in my 30s and single. I used to work for a communications company as a customer service representative in a call center. Every day, I speak with others about the problems they are having and work hard in trying to resolve their concerns. It is not unusual for me to have someone call in who is angry that things are not going as smoothly as they feel they should be; however, I do the best that I can in order to not only address their concern, but to let the person know they are not a number to me, they are someone who deserves to be treated with respect. There are days when the job is difficult, but I appreciate the challenge, and enjoy talking one on one with the people. I also feel a personal satisfaction when I have helped someone who started out angry at the beginning of the call when they thank me for helping them before the call is over.

Why I am a Mormon

I went to a Bible school in FL. It had a program called college days, My Dorm mother came to me and asked if I would be willing to take two girls in my room because they were not to be separated from each other. I agreed. The young ladies came and they gave me a metal kangaroo bookmark to thank me. I asked which church they did belong to, and they replied "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" When I heard them say this, I panicked. I shut the door to the outside and turned to them and told them that they were in hot water on that campus. I explained that there were people on my campus that were training themselves to talk mormons out of their faith. They told me that they were Christians and started to try and tell me what they believed, but I would not hear their words. I told them that if anyone else asked that question they were to say a nondenomnational faith and they would be safe. If I could have changed that night, I would have sat down and listened to them. One day in 2003, I was on a bus coming home when I saw 2 mormon missionaries. I talked to them some and thought, "Huh, I got to witness to some mormons." The next day, another bus, another set of missionaries. I was friendly to them as well. The third day, third bus, third set of missionaries....I did not say anything to them, I just looked at them really funny thinking to myself "God, you want me to listen to these guys; are you SERIOUS?!?!" I get off the bus and there are 8 missionaries standing at the bus stop! (Here's your sign!) I was baptized in during General Conference Weekend in April of 2003, and confirmed a week later on my birthday. There is no greater gift that a person can receive than the blessing of the Holy Ghost, and to receive it on my birthday was very special and meaningful to me. In 2003 after the missionaries left, and I came across the Kangaroo Bookmark that the girls had given me in 1994. I wish I could tell these wonderful daughters of God, Thank you.

How I live my faith

Most of my socializing is with my ward family and friends. I recently relocated from Indiana to CO, and have received a calling to be a nursery leader. I enjoy the special tender hearts of the little ones to whom I am assigned. I have the wonderful honor of planting into their young hearts the first teachings they receive about who they are in Christ. The excitement in their eyes as they start to talk of things that interest them is so precious. I study the Scriptures and regularly attend the temple. Now that I am closer to a temple, I try to go at least once a week, more often if able to. Since joining the Church, I have made a concentrated effort to gather the documents of my family history and submit their names to the temple in order for them to be able to progress on the other side. I consider it a sacred honor and duty to help those who came before me and show them love and gratitude for their sacrifices so that I could be in a better place today. Some of them I have known in my life; but most of them I have not, but look forward to the day when I will meet them when I finally return to Heaven.

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

The Lord's Church is a church of order. The baptisms for the dead are done in Faith to help those who have gone before to receive the blessings of Faith and Repentance. We know that the Ordinance of Baptism is the gateway by which every soul must enter in order to fulfill all righteousness. Jesus Christ Himself submitted himself to the Ordinance of Baptism by His cousin, John the Baptist because John had the Authority to Baptize by birthright as a Levite. Temple ceremonies are not pomp and circumstance; but are sacred rites necessary for ones eternal salvation and progression. After someone completes the rites for his or her own life, it is their sacred honor and responsibility to complete these works for their kindred dead; many of whom had a glimmer of faith and knowledge, but did not have the ability to do these things for themselves because of the sacred ordinances being taken from the earth for a season after the death of Our Saviour and the Apostles. I am honored to have this responsibility to help in the eternal progression of my loved ones who have passed on. Show more Show less