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Hi I'm Samantha!

and i'm an awesome mormon, yeah!!!

About Me

Sam for short. I'm eighteen! I'm a college student. I love life! I'm usually always smiling. I will not let a day go by without laughter! I'm a happy person. I like reading, sleeping, watching movies and just hanging out with friends and family. I'm really outgoing and can get along with just about anyone. I love to support those around me and i'm that friend that you can count on to be there for you if you need me. I love to take long road trips and dance to crazy music with lyrics that free my soul! I'd love to travel someday. I love napping. I love trying new things and of course meeting new friends. That's what's up!     

Why I am a Mormon

I was just recently baptized, and it truly was a life changing experience. I used to just blow through life thinking that it was just about having fun, and not having the responsibility of having to answer to anyone. But I've grown up alot since then. Being a part of such a big family in the church is very comforting. The Spirit has testified to me again and again that this church is the true church and gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that Christ's true church that he conducted when he was on this earth has been restored as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and being a member is an amazing feeling. When I read the Book of Mormon, I cannot deny that it is a true book of Christ, because it testifies of him and our Heavenly Father. Reading the Book of Mormon has helped me understand more about what the Lord wants for me and what he expects from me. It is only through Jesus Christ that Heavenly Father has provided a way back to his presence and the Book of Mormon, along with the Bible, will teach you this. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a daily effort. I wake up every morning and say a prayer. I live my faith by going to church weekly to partake of the sacrament and renew the promises I made with Heavenly Father the day of my baptism. I read my scriptures every night. I knell to pray to my Father in Heaven every night before I go to sleep. I don't drink alcohol, coffee, or tea, and try to stay away from addictions of any kind so that I can have a clear and active mind. I keep the law of chastity and follow the law of tithing. I try my best to keep all the commandments. Most importantly, I live my faith freely.  

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

NOOOO!  Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Our Heavenly Father wants every one of us to have Eternal life with Him and our families. When we are baptized, we make a covenant with God that we will keep his commandments and He will bless us for doing so. Eternal life with Him and our family is one of those amazing promises from God. However, not everyone has had the chance in this life to receive that sacred promise from God. There are tons of people who have died without even getting a chance to hear the gospel and there are also tons of people who just choose not to accept this gospel while they are here. However, just because we die without baptism, that doesn't mean we are automatically kept from God's presence forever, but it doesn't mean we will automatically be with Him either. He wants us to be, and that is exactly why He allows us to perform the service of baptism in behalf of those who have already died. Heavenly Father wants us all to be enabled to live with Him and our families forever. This is a way awesome thing that gives me great comfort. Not only can I live with my Heavenly Father forever, but I can perform baptisms for members of my family who have died and give them the opportunity to also live with me and our Heavenly Father forever. Show more Show less

What is faith?

Faith is being able to believe in something and trust in something that you cant necessarily see. Faith is action attached to belief in something eternally and divinely true. My faith is a belief and a trust in God that is so strong, that I know if I do what He expects of me, then I will receive those blessings attached to the commandments and teachings of God. Show more Show less

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

By giving 10 percent of our income, we are following the law of tithing. It is giving back to our Heavenly Father from what he has already blessed us with. Having jobs and an income is a blessing. I didn't really understand why we needed to follow the law of tithing until it was explained to me like this... Say someone made you a pie, just because they wanted to. And they cut it into ten pieces. If they asked you for one piece of that pie, wouldn't you give it to them? I mean you wouldn't of even had the pie if it wasn't for them. That would be giving them back 10 percent of what they gave you in the first place. I've followed the law of tithing, and have received many blessing from doing so. Its an awesome way to give back to the Lord.  Show more Show less