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Hi I'm Rachel

I write music. I'm a basketball junkie. I'm an aunt of 15. I love the outdoors. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in a family of 5 boys and me - the youngest and only girl. Sharing a room with 3 brothers wasn't always my version of fun, but I survived and am better for their examples and support. Naturally, I grew up on the driveway basketball court and still play any sport I can get my hands on...or feet (soccer). I also have a passion for song writing. It started out with poetry, and then turned into melodies, and then to music and lyrics. My parents were always big on keeping us musically grounded, for which I'm thankful for. My degree is in psychology and I love people watching. There's something fascinating about the way people tick and how they relate to the world around them. I want to be able to work with youth, doing some type of counseling or mentoring, anything that will help to offer them an outlet and allow them to realize their potential. I think that's what drives me in most things - helping people know who they really are and what it all means.

Why I am a Mormon

Why wouldn't I be?! Having purpose and direction with the truth is the most amazing feeling! I grew up Mormon, but no one forced me to believe how I do, and that is true of all of us on this earth. My brothers were always doing the right thing and I saw the difference between the happiness in their lives and that of their friends - it was drastic. I chose to follow. There were times, particularly in the teenage years, when everything else around me felt like it was falling. During those times, it was the truths I had been taught all my life that kept me afloat. It was all I had to hold on to. I have seen too many miracles and felt to much peace in my life from it to be anything but Mormon. When I was 6 years old I had a brother pass away from a terminal illness - the first time I lost someone close to me. Never have I doubted that we will be together again, and that our family is eternal, because and only because of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I have felt it in my heart, and it continues to change me and shape my life every day. There is so much temporary in the world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives me so much that I can keep forever and never have to let go. We all have our personal challenges we go through, but with this truth I know who I am and why I am here, and that keeps me smiling. 

How I live my faith

Well faith isn't faith unless you're living it, right? I am not a perfect example of that, we all have weaknesses, but that is the beauty of this gospel - we can change. I try to make change a daily part of life. Every morning I study the Bible and Book of Mormon and pray to start my day off focused on what's most important. Usually during that time I come to understand those weaknesses that I need to work on with the Lord's help. All growing up I was involved in sports, so there were often practices and games (championship games in particular) on Sundays. I knew, however, that the Lord asks us to give him that day and keep it holy, so I chose to never practice or play on Sundays. It was all worth it though, because I've seen how keeping that commandment has particularly given me strength throughout the rest of my week and helped me keep my priorities in line. I recently got back from serving as a missionary in the Texas Fort Worth Mission where we go out and share the happiness that has come to our lives from our faith. To say that was an amazing experience is an understatement. My faith and testimony were deeply strengthened while seeing others feel it for the first time. There's nothing like reaching out to people in a spiritual way. It's while I was there that I learned what it means to really love people, even strangers. I have also had the opportunity lately to help teach a seminary class - a scripture study with seniors in high school that they go to every morning, early before school. There's a special fire in the youth. I think the greatest ways to live the faith is in small simple acts, such as opening doors for people, helping them shovel their walk in the snow, talking to someone who's lonely and needs a friend, writing a kind note, sharing a piece of gospel truth with someone in their time of trial, or just smiling at people. There are too many frowners in the world today anyway. :)