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Hi I'm Benjamin

I live in America, I am getting an engineering degree. I like to read. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a single male living in Centerville ut. I was born in Salt Lake city Ut. in 2003 I went to Manchester England to teach people about god. I returned home in 2005 and started to go to university. I now almost have a bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering. I like to read high fantasy, modern fantasy, science fiction and other books. I like anime and manga. my favorite American TV show is myth busters. I also like playing card games like Magic the gathering and munchkin. I also like Dungeons and Dragons its a very fun game and I like using my imagination in it.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was born both my parents were members of the LDS church or the Mormon church. I grew up living its values and was baptized at eight years old when most kids in the church are. into the teenage years of my life I began to wonder if this church was where god wanted me and if what I was taught was really the truth. I had heard from my parents and others to pray about things if I wanted an answer to them. Like for example to pray to god and ask if he is their to know if he is. I was told that if I did this I could know for myself I could make an experiment of this and know the truth for myself. So one Sunday as I was going about my duties in the LDS church I said a prayer to myself I asked god for myself if what I was doing was correct and if the church of Jesus Christ was the true church. I had a warm happy feeling come over me the doubt in my mind left me and I can still remember that day the day that I first knew the LDS church is the true church of god upon the earth. As days go by I have reassurances of the exact same thing that the things I learn about and hear about in this church are gods truths upon the earth. when I feel the spirit the can be no doubt in my mind as to the truthfulness of these things. through the power of the holy ghost I know that Jesus Christ hung on the cross for us and our sins. that Christ was then resurrected to bring about the great and eternal plan of god, and that it is only through him that we can be saved. I also know that Joseph Smith who founded this Church many years ago did in fact see god the father and Jesus Christ that he spoke to them and was called to restore the original church of god once more upon the earth.

How I live my faith

I go to church every week on Sunday for three hours on that day. I go to a group that are all single adults from the age of 18 to 30. while their I learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach others of these things. In this church we are to help teach each other the things of the lord so that we all might be strengthens together. This is one of the things that I love about the LDS church that I is not a laid back religion we are all to put in our part. this religion is a way of life we do not just go to church on Sundays but try to make ourselves more inline with the ways of god all the time if their is something that we are not doing as Christ would do we should repent of that and do it or if their is something we are doing that Christ would not do we should repent of that and not do it. it is all about putting ourselves in line with Christ truly following him. During the week their are meetings that I can go to be together with my friends and have good clean fun. during the month I go to teach others in my group at their homes so that they can be uplifted by me and I can be uplifted by them. I also try always to read my scriptures and pray so that god can bless me and help me, he wants to so much, so it is up to me to let him by being obedient to his councils.