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Hi I'm Charlene

I was born the 9th child of a large, happy family in a predominately Catholic area of southern Texas.

About Me

Now 55 years later I live in Alaska and am married to a wonderful non-member (still praying) and have 4 wonderful children. Two are married, one who is a returned missionary and one still at home. Only my missionary son, youngest daughter and I are members and have been for the past 7 years, I was a Catholic for 48 years of my life but moved into an area predominantly Mormon and lived among them for 10 years, having the missionaries come to my house for dinner and making them at home, before I finally took the missionary lessons and was baptized. My then 15 year old son wanted to take the lessons, but as a mom, I couldn't let him do it alone and I wanted to know what he was getting himself into, I took the lessons right along with him. At the time I had no thought of joining the LDS church, but I was in for a big surprise. I was always amazed by the way my Mormon friends lived their lives. They were always happy and only talked good of others and I seldom heard a harsh word from their mouths. I loved visiting their homes because I always felt something very different there then in my own home. What I felt was a calm, happy spirit and it just felt good. And after the very first missionary lesson, I knew exactly what made them like they were. They knew the "truth"; the truth I had been searching for so many years. I felt the Spirit so strongly during that first lesson that I wanted to be a part of what they had.

Why I am a Mormon

The Holy Spirit has testified to me daily the church is the true church. It doesn't matter if I walk into an LDS church half-way across the world, I feel at home. I mentioned I was a Catholic for 48 years of my life, and during that time, I visited many different churches, but none of them felt right. I stayed with the Catholic church and tried to raise my children there because that was all I knew. Where I grew up, I had never heard of Mormons as we lived in the "bible belt". It wasn't that way when I moved to our present home. I found myself encircled by Mormon families, on all sides.The first neighbor to visit us was a Mormon family from next door. I found that all the negative stories I had been told about Mormons were absolutely WRONG. I was living among the nicest, most giving, most faith-filled people I had ever met. (I felt very ashamed then, that I had once turned missionaries away from my door and actually tossed the book of Mormon into the trashcan.) That first lesson they taught, I listened, and I KNEW that this was where the Lord was telling me I should be. There was more to my life then being just a mom and a wife. Heavenly Father knew my heart and thru the missionaries and the LDS families I came to love, I knew I was home. I quit coffee "cold turkey" thru the fervent prayers of these saints and was baptized 4 weeks from the time of the first lesson. My testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what I hold on to every morning that I wake up. It's not that hard, when you know of its truth and its saving power. But when it is hard, I pray even harder.

How I live my faith

I live my faith daily and ask Heavenly Father to show me the path to those who are also searching for the truth. I am so excited to share what I know, with others. I am a visiting teacher, responsible for visiting and helping 4 other ladies who are also members. The one thing I found to be especially wonderful about the church, is that the saints are truly one big family of brothers and sisters and I love each one of them dearly. We support one another and give strength and comfort when it's needed. In the Catholic Church I noticed that once you left church on Sunday morning, it was everyone for yourself and it felt quite alone. It's definitely not that way with the LDS church. We are a family and we know it and show it in our daily actions with one another. No one is ever left out in the cold to wander alone. We are all children of a loving Father, who loves each one of us completely despite our shortcomings, and so are you. We love you to, and invite you to find out for yourself the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Book of Mormon and the Gospel of our Lord and Savior. This is the Lord's church and I promise that you will come to know of this truth, just as I did. You will be blessed in ways you never knew possible. I promise.