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Hi I'm Josh

I'm an artist and aspiring filmmaker. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Ever since I could grip a crayon, I've been telling stories. I started drawing at about 2 years of age, and was fortunate to have very patient and supportive parents. They even encouraged me before I was "paper trained"- that is to say, before I learned that not everything white is paper. One of my most famous early pieces is a pair of ninja turtles rendered in permanent marker on a white study desk. I'm a red head, big brother, amateur filmmaker, and martial artist. I love to draw, write stories, and make music. I can't cook. When I was a junior in high school, my little sister had to show me how to make a grilled cheese sandwich. My goal in life is to create media to help teach positive values to kids and teenagers. I believe that with the right examples, they can grow up and make the world a better place 

Why I am a Mormon

I suppose I was born that way :) In all honesty, I was put in a situation at a young age where I had to make my own choice. Though I was born in a Mormon family, my parents split when I was 7. This was difficult for my sister and I, because we loved both our mother and father very much. We still do. Our father continued to take us to church each week when we were with him. It was just part of what we did as a family, and I respect him for that. With my mother, we were given the choice. I respect her for that. We stayed with her during the summer, and we didn't have to go to church if we didn't want to. The funny thing about that, though, was that we discovered at a young age a spiritual hunger. We didn't go to church because anyone made us, we had to decide that we wanted it. Sometimes our mother drove us to church, sometimes we walked, always we attended by ourselves. I really appreciate her support of us, despite not sharing the same beliefs. But I suppose that's not really why I am a Mormon. That's why I go to church, but honestly I could pick a much easier one to go to. Being Mormon isn't always easy- a lot is expected in this gospel, it's work! But it's the best work. I am a Mormon because I am a Christian. I have a personal relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. He has done so much for me. The more he does, the more I feel drawn to him and to His church. I love to read His words in the Bible and the Book of Mormon; it brings to me a special feeling of peace that cannot be felt on this earth any other way.

How I live my faith

My martial arts teacher asked me once, "What does it mean to be Christian?" I replied with some textbook answer, but he stopped me and said with a sage grin, "No. That's not it. The meaning of Christianity is service." That really stuck with me. It's true. In the martial arts, a disciple is a student of a master. The disciple studies the master's movements very carefully and tries to duplicate them with exactness. Even when the master is not present, you can often discern the student's master by watching their movements. I believe it's the same with following Christ. I try to live my life so that someone watching my movements can tell who my master is. My master is Jesus Christ. What can a disciple learn from his movements? My martial arts teacher hit it right on the head: serving others. I try to serve by listening and watching for the needs of people around me, and then filling them as best I can. It may be as simple as a roommate that needs a ride or as complex as helping out with foreign relief effort. But there are always needs. I try to keep an eye open for people who look down or depressed during the day, even total strangers. It's amazing to see sometimes what a quick smile and wave "hi" will do :) The other way I try to serve is by sharing the gospel with others. This can be on a personal, one on one basis, or online. Recently I've been making videos on youtube to help share the gospel and stories from the Book of Mormon. My goal is to one day make feature films that will spread positive and gospel messages to the world.